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LIKO-SPACE & LIKO-S VACUWALL, Flexible Movable Walls

Say goodbye to complicated and expensive conversions. With LIKO-S mobile wall you can manage everything with ease and most importantly in a few minutes. With LIKO-S movable walls creativity is not limited. Thanks to their unique technology of inflatable bags it only takes a push of a button to fix the mobile walls in place. No expert installers needed. We chose to present two products that can help you easily build another room in just a few minutes.

With the vacuum system, the effective division of work space is now even easier. LIKO-S is the only manufacturer for this system.


  • Use one wall to turn a large meeting room into two smaller ones
  • Your office can be changed according to your needs – easily and quickly
  • Within no time, you can have several separate rooms
  • You do not need to build anything – you will get more space for significantly less money

Custom made design of LIKO-SPACE Mobile walls

  • Visible aluminium profiles – anodised or powder coated
  • A wide range of panel finishes – laminated, veneered, covered with cloth or sheet metal, or even as rock imitation; attractive and very durable HPL film suitable for highly exposed areas
  • Solid panels can be installed in combination with partially or fully glazed panels
  • We also provide panels with a special acoustically absorptive surface

VACUWALL Movable walls

The only movable wall in the world which will give your premises unlimited flexibility. The unique vacuum system ensures that installation is a question of just a few minutes.

Vacuwall offers variability without limits

  • You can build a wall in the matter of a few minutes anywhere you like – and you can re-build it as much and often as you want or need. You are
    entirely free to divide and interior space as you like and VACUWALL® will adapt to your needs.
  • VACUWALL® is a system you can use and re-use within various rooms and areas in your building. One day it can divide a meeting room into two, another day you can use it to divide production facilities or build a separate office.
  • VACUWALL® sets no limits as to where you must store free panels. You can either store them inside the room that VACUWALL® is used in or any other place which does not take up your functional space. VACUWALL® offers many storing options based on your requirements.
  • VACUWALL® allows you to save money and time on its installation and moving because you can simply do it all yourself. You only need two average-skilled persons, a screw driver and a few minutes of your time to build or re-build a wall. The manipulation with panels is easy and safe.
  • To divide an interior space, only minimal structural modifications are required. These equal to the same work you would do if hanging a picture on a wall.
  • Since VACUWALL® is not directly connected to any of the structures of a building, it is a wall which you can take with you like a piece of furniture when moving to a new location and thus minimise the costs of moving.
  • VACUWALL® is a truly environmentally friendly product as you can re-use it many times without utilizing any additional resources.

Where to use Vacuwall

  • Divide a bigger office, industrial or residential area into a few smaller sections. Permanently or temporarily.
  • You will save on energy bills. In winter you heat and in summer you cool a smaller room.
  • Customise the leasing of offices or production facilities according to the space requirements of your tenant. You customer does not pay for a single unnecessary square metre.
  • Divide a production space into dusty zones and clean rooms.
  • With VACUWALL®, there is a solution for any type of ceiling and floor. This makes it suitable for both new construction and to be placed inside a current
  • Thanks to its inter-locking feature and light weight, there are no static requirements of the surrounding structures when mounting VACUWALL®. Simply choose the room you want to place Vacuwall in, measure its height and length and you are ready.

VACUWALL saves you time and money during assembly and rebuilding because you can simply do it all yourself.

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LIKO-S Mobile walls Solutions

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