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• Corporate Office Solutions • We Are Platinum! Again! •
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CEO & Founder

*In January 1998, Christophe Weller founded Corporate Office Solutions in Bucharest, company that he still runs successfully for more than 23 years, transforming COS in the leading company when it comes to turn key solutions and also the creator of human spaces.

Christophe Weller - CEO & Founder
Christophe Weller

CEO & Founder

Workplace Consultants

Cos workplace consultants primarily focus on the process of identifying and implementing strategic improvements by delivering world class solutions that comes together to solve our clients’ complex problems and to design immersive, and exciting brand experiences.

Mihaela Udriste

Regional Director - Bucharest

Marius Marza

Regional Director, West & East Area - Cluj

Bogdan Utica

Project Director, West Area - Timisoara

Adrian Pantazica

Project Director, East Area - Iasi

Tudor Borsan

Senior Project Director - Bucharest

Adela Herman

Senior Project Director - Bucharest

Cristina Manea

Senior Project Director - Bucharest

Anca Rus

Senior Project Director - Cluj

Catalin Grobnic

Project Director - Bucharest

Sorina Nistor

Senior Project Director - Bucharest

Madalina Mircea

Senior Project Director - Bucharest

Teodora Cocis

Project Director - Bucharest

Andrei Oraseanu

Project Director - Bucharest

Cristina Gingirov

Project Director - Bucharest

Ramona Bucur

Project Director - Bucharest

Alina Mircea

Project Director - Cluj

Architecture & Design

Cos Architecture & Design department is providing professional design services that fulfill our clients’ needs, adhere to our clients’ budget providing buildable solutions that create functional spaces within enriched aesthetic environments.

Arch. Angelescu Andrei

Head of Architecture & Design Department - Bucharest

Gheorghe Patricia

Interior Architect - Bucharest

Ulmeanu Andrada

Interior Architect - Bucharest

Movileanu Maria Madalina

Interior Architect - Bucharest

Arch. Nicolaev Marinela

Permitting Services - Bucharest

Dascalu Iulia

3D Artist - Bucharest

Baza - Verde Daniela

Interior Architect - Bucharest

Anastase Letitia

Interior Architect - Bucharest

Bandar Cristian

Permitting Assistant - Bucharest

Arch. Hids Samsudeen

Senior Architect - Timisoara

Dona Ifrim

M&E Designer - Bucharest

Florin Sandoiu

M&E Designer - Bucharest

George Popescu

M&E Designer - Bucharest

Construction & Special Elements cost estimation

Cost estimation department consists of extensively experienced specialist that are fully aware of their strategic role within the organization. Preparing estimates for COS projects is a key part of our organization strategic asset planning being one of the core processes of total cost management.

Paul Ciotic

Team Leader - Bucharest

Cristian Mihut

Cost Estimation, Electrical Works - Bucharest

Antoniu Balasa

Cost Estimation, Architectural Works - Bucharest

Vlad Tiganescu

Cost Estimation, Electrical Works - Bucharest

Robert Toader

Cost Estimation, Electrical Works - Bucharest

Iulia Gruia

Cost Estimation, Architectural Works - Bucharest

Georgiana Chiriac

Cost Estimation, Architectural Works - Bucharest

Luiza Popescu

Cost Estimation, Custom Elements - Bucharest

Adrian Preda

Cost Estimation, Custom Elements - Bucharest

Ionela Gherghe

Purchasing, Special Orders - Bucharest

Standard furniture sales support

COS Sales Support Department is the vital bridge between our Sales Department and trusted furniture suppliers that are working with great passion and commitment in meeting our customer’s budgets and expectations.

Arch. Angelescu Andrei

Sales Support & Order Processing Manager - Bucharest

Oana Radu

Sales Support Specialist - Bucharest

Corina Grill

Sales Support - Bucharest

Corina Sava

Sales Support - Bucharest

Anca Vlasceanu

Sales Support - Bucharest

Bianca Dragne

Sales Support - Bucharest

Madalina Cozma

Customer Experience - Bucharest

Catalina Chelaru

CRM Administrator - Bucharest

Project Management

Project managers are the dream weavers, transforming a concept into a tangible office space by managing the site and compliance regulations. Under the project manager’s watchful eye, everything that was planned in the early stages starts to take shape.


Maria Alexandrescu

Deputy Construction Manager - Bucharest

Roxana Dragomir

QA/QC - Bucharest

George Baron

Senior Project Manager - Bucharest

Ionut Oprea

Senior Project Manager - Bucharest

Balosin Ionut

Project Manager - Bucharest

Andrei Pendus

Project Manager - Bucharest

Adrian Popa

Project Manager - Cluj

Popescu Cristian

Project Manager - Bucharest

Irinel Ivanescu

Project Manager - Bucharest

Cojoc Gabriel

Project Manager - Bucharest

Dorin Constantiniu

Service & Maintenance - Cluj

Alexandru Cozmescu

Project Manager - Timisoara

Mihai Alexandru

Site Manager - Bucharest

Floor Coverings

As a support department, COS Flooring, is responsible for designing, planning, organizing, and monitoring the progress of our flooring solutions installation on site. We are committed to help our customers to remain sustainable by choosing the modular flooring solutions, that create beautiful interior spaces which positively impact the people who use them and our planet.

Andriana Mihutescu

Head of Flooring Department - Bucharest

Alexandra Bataiosu

Sales Support Assistant - Bucharest


COS Logistics Department has extensive experience in managing logistics functions especially, distribution operations and furniture installation operations.
We are extremely agile in responding to our customer’s changing needs by taking care of their needs and making their experience as seamless as possible.

Catalin Udroiu

Head of Logistics - Bucharest

Dan Romila

Logistic Assistant- Bucharest

Installation Team

Finance & Administration

As a necessary and critical part of our organization, the Financial Department, is efficiently planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the financial activity and process within COS organization. Finance management helps our business succeed.

Raluca Dragomir

Finance Manager - Bucharest

Valentina Paduraru

Accountant - Bucharest

Emilia Nita

Senior Chief Accountant - Bucharest

Bianca Nita

Office Assistant - Bucharest

Ana Rusu

Office Assistant - Cluj

Ecaterina Surcel

Office Administration - Bucharest

Human Resources

The HR function is responsible for designing and implementing HR programs and policies that helps company leaders better manage COS organization. It plays a central pillar and is responsible for the whole hire to retire process.

Mihaela Coteanu

HR Manager - Bucharest


COS Marketing Specialist is essentially involved in outward communication and in promoting the corporate goals of the company, by aligning all initiatives and communication objectives (advertising, marketing, sales, etc.), keeping things simple while simultaneously positioning COS as a trusted brand.

Roxana Tanasa

Marketing Specialist - Bucharest

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