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• Corporate Office Solutions • We Are Platinum! Again! •
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We Are Platinum! Again!
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Corporate social responsibility

We intend to be a connector and catalyst for the development of Romania.

remesh and COS speak the same language: fair trade

The right to choose products or services, the right to be informed about the product you are buying or the right to be protected from manufacturing processes that are hazardous to health or life. There are just a few of the fundamental rights listed by President J. F. Kennedy in his speech on March 15, 1962, before the American Congress. That moment marked a premiere: the public agenda raised the issue of consumer rights

The moment has become history, and March 15 has become the International Consumer Rights Day. This day is an opportunity for consumers around the world to reaffirm their rights and to draw attention to the importance of respecting them.

remesh is one of the three social workshops of the Atelier without Borders Association, created in 2011. It has emerged as a response to more needs. Seven years ago, there was no recycling solution for street advertising mesh. The solution found by Ateliere without Borders was all the more complicated in solving complementary problems.

In the remesh workshop, street meshworks are collected, selected and then transformed into ethical fashion products. The model created by Workshops without Borders solves many problems.

First of all, the lifespan of the street mesh is prolonged. From potential waste, they turn into handbags, handbags, bookshelves, book covers and clothing covers. At the same time, remesh contributes to reducing these types of waste.

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Secondly, the workshop is based on the principle of social economy. remesh is a job for about 10 people from vulnerable social categories. He is usually in extreme situations of exclusion. They are adults, homeless, with disabilities, post-institutionalized youth, long-term unemployed or addicted people. Alongside the team leader, a professional and personal mentor, and the AFF’s socio-professional insertion specialists, they learn to go back on their own feet. They learn a job, regain their dementia and self-confidence, and become autonomous, then to reintegrate into society.

remesh, the first Romanian initiative in the procedure of obtaining the “Fair Trade”

Fair trade is not just a principle behind remesh activities, but one for which Workshops without Borders is in the process of obtaining an international certificate. This is called fair trade and will be awarded by the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). Fair trade certification means AFF follows a set of 10 principles. These include poverty alleviation, transparency and accountability, fair trade practices, and the payment of a fair price.

Corporate Office Solutions is an example of a customer sensitive to the needs of people and the environment. The company is a leader in consulting and design for office space and offers integrated solutions for turnkey development. In over 20 years of activity on the Romanian market, COS delivered professional services and products to more than 1,750 companies that wanted to create or transform their workplaces.

In addition, over 20 years of activity, the company has adapted its business needs to the needs of society and has continually developed innovative concepts: recyclable products obtained through processes that protect the environment, reduce pollution and limit raw material losses.

COS assures, through the mission that it has assumed, that their work brings positive social results, not just commercial success. This is one of the reasons why COS chose the remesh products.

“We actively participate in protecting the environment, because we understand the responsibility we have to future generations and we seek to get involved in environmental conservation as much as possible. Remesh is designed precisely in the sense of care for people and what the community leaves inheritance to future generations, “said Roxana Tanasa of COS’s marketing department.

remesh bags will be offered at the 20th anniversary of Corporate Office Solutions..

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Corporate social responsibility

We intend to be a catalyst for the development of Romania.



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