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Think Chair – The chair with a brain and a conscience

Steelcase develops a more comfortable and sustainable version of its groundbreaking chair.

When Steelcase introduced the Think chair in 2004, one early reviewer worried that she liked her chair too much—it was so comfortable that she no longer stood up to take breaks during the workday.

Part of that comfort came from a clear conscience. Steelcase evaluated each stage of the chair’s life cycle, to reduce environmental impact. In addition to streamlining manufacturing processes and putting production close to supply, Steelcase built partnerships to encourage consumers to refurbish or recycle the chairs, meaning fewer Thinks end up in landfills. In short, the Think chair reframed the conversation about eco-conscious furniture.

The new Think chair employs a whole new system for lumbar support, making it extremely intuitive and comfortable.

“It’s a global best-seller, one of our most popular chairs,” says Katie Hasse, a senior public relations specialist at Steelcase. “When you look at it that way,” says Bruce Smith, Steelcase’s director of design, “you might say, why should we bother making a new version?”

In fact, the cornerstones of the design—eco-friendliness, elegance, and ergonomics—remain unaltered. “But we’ve just learned far too much in the last ten years,” Smith says. “We felt an obligation to make Think even better.”

Think provides users with a variety of postures, including seated height and stool height. It easily supports all work, from collaborative group work to focused work. Think easily integrates into today’s workplace, allowing users the choice and control over how and where they work.


Think is Smart. It does the thinking for us. It fosters wellbeing through automatic ergonomic support, and responds to our changing postures and body movements.


Think is Simple. No time lost to adjust the seat. Its simple mechanism allows users to experience immediate comfort.


Think is Sustainable. With its smart and simple features Think has an iconic sustainable design that allows disassembly in less that 5 minutes. Fewer parts so easier to recycle. Thanks to thorough Life Cycle assessments the design of Think minimizes its lifelong impact on the environment.

Contact us today to test the new Think Chair at the COS offices in Bucharest and Cluj.

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