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The portrait of a dream office: what it is, what it’s characterized of and what the ideal workspace looks like

The big companies in Romania have begun to invest more and more important amounts to increase the comfort of their employees, so that the teams involved in different projects can do their best to be even more motivated and motivated in their day-to-day work.
Specialists argue that one of the best tools for employee loyalty and retention is no longer just salary, but a whole package of benefits where the workplace plays a key role, in some cases even more important than salary. But only in some cases.

Interior design experts, architects and the whole chain of specialists involved in this new phenomenon have put together all the employees ‘wishes and analyzed the employers’ flexibility in all this and concluded that in this case communication is also essential.

“I do not know what the office of the future looks like, but I know what needs to be done to look like one. Spaces have to work for and with the new generation of employees, the so-called << Millennials >>. Employers must comply, anticipate and take responsibility to ensure the continuity of the companies they lead. All these aspects are prerequisites for organizing a space dedicated to these individuals. (…) Office space has a solid concept in the back, just the design elements have a basis, but more importantly it has to work and needs to meet the needs and demands, known or unknown by the users. The ideal space must be able to relate to all of these defining aspects of an office environment, “says architect Andrei Angelescu, architect at Corporate Solutions Solutions (COS).

COS: The work landscape must stimulate, not build up
To differentiate from other conventional spaces, setting up new workspaces must stimulate inspiration and creativity to the detriment of embodying these principles.

“The work landscape must be one that stimulates, does not hurt. This approach is no longer an ideal one and is no longer part of concepts reserved for the future, it is a present and critical factor and we observe it in the demands of companies that are still reacting to the current dynamics and should anticipate and be open to preparing the working environment for future, “said Arch. Andrei Angelescu.

How much is the comfort of your employees: from 300 to 1,500 euros / sqm
Andrei Angelescu says the initial budget is calculated taking into account the primary functional elements, but once the space is ready for the future, it is energy efficient and user-friendly. This budget ranges from about 300 euro / sqm to 1,500 euro / sqm .

“The change in setup costs can also be influenced by decision-makers from companies, when they represent the HR, Marketing departments, in addition to the traditional IT and Top Management or procurement departments. This topic is debated in the field of new construction in the country, referring to several architectural programs, especially those financed by tenders. A major issue debated is the “lowest price” approach. With the loneliness an investment must be efficient and economical, but if we look at the technical criteria for sustainability, green buildings and all approaches that have as their main purpose the building of constructions and non-polluting and sustainable projects in terms of the execution and lifetime of the respective construction, the initial investments are not at all small. In the medium and long term, instead, we see the examples executed abroad and for some time in the country, how they become passively profitable through their configuration but also actively becoming the target of users who want to align themselves to a conscious environment attitude . Regarding the office space, the situation is similar, “added Andrei Angelescu.

Accenture Headquarters Bucharest, Photo Credit © 2017 cosmindragomir.info

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