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We Are Platinum! Again!
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Innovate. Lead. Transform. Not an ordinary Hr Conference but a true way of learning and experimenting new ideas.

The world of work has been going through some massive changes, like the rise of the gig economy, increasing use of artificial intelligence and technology, but most of all the scary fact that 85 percent of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t even been invented yet. How can one prepare for the unknown?

In order to help organisations to be prepared for new trends to come, together with our partners from Steelcase, Hart Consulting and Hogan Assessments, we have put in place a series of HR Conferences called “Innovate. Lead. Transform.” meant to solve at least the worries if not the problem it’s self.

            The “Innovate. Lead. Transform.” HR Conference was a very invigorating and perceptive event, from which the participants surely benefited a lot.

With over 80 participants, mostly HR professionals and General Management, the conference provided opportunities for:

  • Networking among Cluj business communities;
  • Active participation in the Lead Focus Workshop and panel discussion with data-driven presentation of the speakers involved;

Christophe Weller the CEO & Founder of COS, was part of the panel discussions, where he debated about workplace happiness and it’s impact on engagement and performance of employees.

Tamas Kovacs, Regional Sales Director at Steelcase was also one of the panel discussion participants, debating on how technology and place connect into an ecosystem that creates well-being in the office environment. Tamas also pointed out on the barriers to creativity when it comes to the importance of innovation in organisations.

The same topics gathered again over 60 participants, this time in Timisoara, for the second day of Innovate. Lead. Transform. Hr Conference, that together with Hart Consulting, we organised on the 22nd and 23rd of May.

We enjoyed having such a full-house event and we look forward to the final session of this HR Conference series that will take place in Bucharest mid-October.

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