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We Are Platinum! Again!
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Dr. Robert Hogan: Humility, integrity, competence, judgement and vision are prevailing attributes of effective leaders.

Prof. Dr. Robert Hogan, CEO & Founder, Hogan Assessment Systems, was the keynote speaker of “Innovate. Lead. Transform” HR Conference, event organised in partnership with COS, Steelcase, that gathered more than 200 leaders from CEO’s, to entrepreneurs and HR professionals, on October 17th. Dr. Robert Hogan shared his knowledge on the tight correlation between personality and leadership, the impact of leadership on organisations’ financial performance and the fading myth of the charismatic leader.

Leadership is about shaping and sustaining high-performing teams, and, from this perspective, leadership is not a resource for the privileged, but a resource for the team. Dr. Hogan illustrated the positive correlations between humility and company performance and how humble leaders tend to focus on their team rather than the organisation.

Dr. Robert Hogan further conveyed the effectiveness vs emergence factor in leadership. Organisations should look for modest, diligent and team-building leaders, concluding that humility is the main factor able to create engagement.

This event brought together a unique approach beside the psychological outlook, analysing at the same time the impact of workplaces on employee performance. The alignment between the company culture, leadership style and workplace configuration has been proven to be fundamental for growth and financial performance. Considering this process, Steelcase shared with the attendees a couple of global case studies looking at different levels of engagement.

On the one hand, Lisa Glassner, VP Global Client Collaboration for Steelcase EMEA and Karin Vidic, Director of Creative Consulting & Applications also for the EMEA region shared valuable insights on how space can actually help culture to evolve. Basically, placing leaders in the centre of the work-space embodies the very heart of a company’s culture, inspiring employee behaviour and commitment. On the other hand, Ilinca Popescu, Regional Sales Manager for Steelcase Central Europe, emphasised the high correlation between workplace satisfaction and engagement, based on case study research. The ability to spontaneously choose the area you wish to work in within the office, depending on the project, studies show, leads to a higher employee engagement.

With over 22 years expertise on the Office segment within the Romanian market, Christophe Weller, founder and CEO of COS, witnessed an impressive shift over the last two decades in the medium sized to large companies working spaces. COS has deployed creativity in building offices, envisioning the latest trends, with companies focusing on their employees’ well-being and engagement. The current trends seem to be underlining the fact that a healthy work environment will most likely encourage creativity and innovation, designing a new life at work.



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