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We Are Platinum! Again!
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Introducing the New Divisio Acoustic Screen, from Steelcase

The wait is over: Divisio Acoustic Screens are now available to order!

Acoustic comfort is crucial in the office. The Divisio Acoustic Screen offers a great sound absorption coefficient of 0.7. It provides privacy and ensures well-being for workers in the open plan.

Offering great sound absorption, along with beautiful rounded corners and a zipper design, this new product range consisting of floor and desktop screens creates a welcoming atmosphere and brings privacy and acoustic comfort to the workplace.

  • The screen is made up of just three recyclable components – making it sustainable and easy to disassemble.
  • The zipper available in 3 neutral colours and 4 bold colours. You can play with the different finishes to create contrasting or tone-on-tone combinations.
  • The 35 mm PET Acoustic infill places the screen in the Class C acoustic performance with a 0.7 alfa value.
  • Accessories such as wooden magnets or coat hangers are also available to order

The Divisio Acoustic Screen is available in a broad range of fabrics, allowing personalization of texture and colour.

Its rounded corners and detailed zipper design available in 7 colours provide a warm and welcoming feeling to the office.

For further questions, please reach out to your COS, Sales Consultant.

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