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Quick Fixes to Make Working From Home Hurt Less. Part 3.

Until a few weeks ago, we thought we knew everything about working from home because many of us have been doing it for years — but this is entirely different and it’s not by choice.

Steelcase, has researchers who’ve spent years learning how people do their best work — not only can they explain why we’re so tired, but they can give us ideas about what to do about it. So, they invited a panel of experts to join them on an webinar named: Making Distance Work: How to keep your body, mind and emotions healthy when you’re suddenly remote.

We have divided this webinar into three parts for you and in this is the third part, where we will get important suggestions from Dr. Tracy Brower, Principal, Steelcase Applied, Research + Consulting, regarding to “our emotions” in times of remote work.

Our Emotions

Suggestions from Dr. Tracy Brower,
Principal, Steelcase Applied, Research + Consulting


Keep perspective and focus on the future

It can be hard to stay positive when so much uncertainty surrounds us. But, keeping perspective is a key component.

The fix: Stay focused on the future. Remind yourself that this is temporary, and things will return to a new normal. Boston University did a study on optimism with 70,000 people. It found the more you feel optimistic, the greater your sense of wellbeing and the greater your longevity (11%-15% greater, in fact!).

Nurture relationships and support others

Work is fundamentally social, yet we tend to think about our technology primarily as a way to support our tasks and our productivity.

The fix: We need to expand how we think about technology so that it can serve us and enhance our relationships with others. We can connect virtually for coffee or happy hour. We can even watch movies together and comment in real time. In addition to how we use technology, Tracy encouraged us to look for ways to support each other. Research by The Ascent says that when you’re more generous, your satisfaction with work will expand and your compassion will contribute to more happiness overall.

Ensure mental and emotional distancing

Social distancing is so critical right now. Tracy encouraged us to also think about mental and emotional distancing as well. Research tells us that when we feel a sense of overwhelm and ambiguity, we seek out more and more information and can end up marinating in negativity.

The fix: So, it’s important we take healthy mental and emotional breaks. You can do that by taking a walk, just looking out the window, reading a book or trying a new hobby. And be mindful of gratitude because it contributes to happiness and fulfilment. Finally, don’t forget the impact of really great sleep physically, cognitively and emotionally. Good habits can help us escape and feel healthier during our workday.

*Conclusions from Steelcase webinar “Making Distance Work: How to keep your body, mind and emotions healthy when you’re suddenly remote.“


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