• Corporate Office Solutions • We Are Platinum! Again! •
• Corporate Office Solutions • We Are Platinum! Again! •
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Corporate Office Solutions designed the offices of UiPath, based in Bucharest, Romania.

Platinum Partner - 2017


In 21 years of presence in Romania, we have completed over 10.000 projects.

UiPath is becoming a leading force the in the Enterprise AI market and its founders wanted an office that reflects the company’s global ambitions and help them attract and retain the best talent.  In the process, enlisting the help of London-based startup interior designer Haley McLane and Bucharest-based COS, they created what is probably Bucharest’s best office space to date.  The work environment they created has become a seamless extension of their brand.

Similarly to the UiPath team, the office is both sophisticated and playful. Vibrant colors and bold graphics designate high energy areas intended for informal and spirited interactions, while other more subdued color palettes and organic patterns are reserved for more thoughtful and analytical conversations.

The building’s footprint forced the team to be split between two levels. This physical division added an extra challenge for interior design Haley McLane. In order to create a successful office, physical and emotional barriers between departments needed to be minimized.

To allow for this cross pollination between teams, McLane focused heavily on flexible work stations.  Each team member was granted their own personal “homebase” for desktop computer and personal belongings but have access to a multitude of alternative work areas.   Custom-designed breakout areas and hot desks are peppered thought the office, adding dynamism to the work day. Constant movement throughout the office allows Luciana from Sales and Petru from Engineering, who would normally rarely or never meet, to have an impromptu chat about customer support by the snack stand in the “watering-hole”, or for David from Finance to have a meeting with Mihai from Legal over a quick game of pool.

Working hand in hand with the COS team was hugely beneficial. They are experts in the local market and worked relentlessly to value engineer the costs of this built-out, suggest alternatives and ensure seamless execution.  The COS team also brought a number of subtle Romanian cultural references and touches to McLane’s design concepts.  As is usual with these projects, and for startups like UiPath in general, great teamwork makes all the difference.

It is easy to underestimate the power of design in office environments.  But when the design of a physical space is as unique as the company it represents, and has been thought through to serve the unique needs of the teams it houses, the benefits are huge, from recruitment to daily motivation to the ability to wow clients, partners and investors alike. UiPath, on its way to become a flagship Romanian-born success story.


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