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• Corporate Office Solutions • We Are Platinum! Again! •
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Telus Romania

Corporate Office Solutions designed the offices of professional services company Telus, located in Bucharest, Romania.

Platinum Partner - 2017

Telus Romania

In 21 years of presence in Romania, we have completed over 10.000 projects.

For some companies it’s all about the people, about making them feel part of one big family. This is the case of TELUS International - a multilingual customer interaction and BPO provider meeting the customer care needs of some of the world’s largest and most respected brands - and this is not big talk; they wanted to walk the talk in every floor of total of five, in their Bucharest building. The Architect involved in this project was Anda Manu, from AMA Design and her solution was: Press Play and Engage – a fantasy workplace where pandas and butterflies meet the Star Wars universe, bright colours and smiles.

With over 55% of the space dedicated to employee relaxation, meetings and networking, the TELUS International office in Bucharest could be nominated for the most fun workplace we have helped implementing in the past years. We needed to adapt as well to the fast growing pace of the client (+150%/year). They needed a complex design to answer the needs and nurture the beautiful spirit of both the support team (more tech-savvy and geeky) and the costumer support team (more social and beauty oriented). So the game was simple: turn the 10,500 sq. m into a place that meets great expectations via 3 building phases.

Fun is no ordinary commodity: right from the start the Architect established that in order to make a stand and show people that TELUS International put them first; the project needed to be generous in the relaxing spaces. From the video games area to the pool table, we knew that people who work hard deserve to have fun. As the team is very young, with an average age of 25, the design reflects their youth. The Architect used colour codes for orientation in a playful spirit.

The design concept was based on an association with the animal totems; the corporate identity associates human personality types to various animals, fish, flowers and butterflies. The unconventional space offer employees many choices when it comes to work, relaxation, as well as formal and informal interaction. Together with the Architect and TELUS, we have built an interview area to suit the company needs for expansion. From Wi-Fi, to coffee and free sodas, to bright happy colours, everything talks about their openness to create new business relationships and find positive people to join the team.


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