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• Corporate Office Solutions • We Are Platinum! Again! •
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Steelcase Romania

Corporate Office Solutions designed the offices of professional services company Steelcase, located in Bucharest, Romania.

Platinum Partner - 2017

Steelcase Romania

In 21 years of presence in Romania, we have completed over 10.000 projects.

Once in a while, you have all the pieces of the puzzle and you have to find actual artistry to put them together in a creative way. This is the case of designing the workplace of Steelcase Romania, our trusted partner in many other projects. Steelcase Inc. is a worldwide leader in office furnishing, with 100 year old experience in building workplaces via its network of distributors and of Global Service Centers. Our task: the Global Service Center in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

With more than 200 employees working here every day, the Steelcase headquarters in Cluj highlight the idea of cooperation. We opted for a minimalist approach in an optimized use of space that allows employees to bring their personality forward and make the place theirs. What else would serve better a company that has invested 100 years in discovering how to reach full professional potential with the help of environmental factors?

We always aim high when it comes to quality, but this time we truly managed to outdone ourselves. The old building came with a classical touch, but also with a few limitations (for example, the fixed scenery brought by the wall which we were not allowed to demount).
The main request from Steelcase was that even though the employees worked in an open space, they should have a comfortable feeling of intimacy. So our focus moved on dividing the space and forming a living ecosystem with different zones that answered to varied needs. We were much motivated and honored to work with one of our best consultants so far, John Small, Director of Design at Steelcase.

The headquarters is built on 3 levels, and comes with 4 big conference rooms, 8 medium sized rooms for video-meetings, and 12 quiet rooms that give employees the possibility of maximum concentration when needed. The remaining space is divided in areas dedicated to each working team, addressing their particular needs with the help of tech solutions. With predominant open spaces (75%) we supported teamwork, creativity and cooperation. Without blinking an eye, we used Steelcase premium elegant furniture – the right furniture for the right people; walking the talk when choosing the best solution. A Steelcase furnishing concept, the Workcafe is also present at each floor. The space is a relaxing oasis, but also a place with good vibes that can offer inspiration when working.


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