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• Corporate Office Solutions • We Are Platinum! Again! •
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Johnson & Johnson

Corporate Office Solutions implemented the designed of AMA Design, in the offices of world’s largest and most broadly based healthcare company, Johnson & Johnson, located in Bucharest, Romania.

Platinum Partner - 2017

Johnson & Johnson

In 21 years of presence in Romania, we have completed over 10.000 projects.

Caring for the world, one person at a time... inspires and unites the people of Johnson & Johnson. Caring for the company, each employee at a time inspired Anda Manu, from AMA Design, the Architectural company of the project, implemented by COS, in creating the Johnson & Johnson workplace. We truly admire clients who aim high, so when partnering with this company together with the Architect we wanted to give back a little to the ones constantly preoccupied by the wellbeing of the people.
Due to a business consolidation move, The Janssen Pharmaceutical and Johnson & Johnson embarked in a journey together and needed new offices for the employees of the two divisions. This also meant a new change: the new workplace concept of FLEX SPACE proving mobility for employees. The only 2 offices with a fixed place: HR & Finance. Concept Insights: The Architect followed the global branding guide, but enriched it with a local approach.
Johnson & Johnson space is divided into 3 areas: Working Area 1, Working Area 2, and Working Area 3. In addition to this, employees can use relaxing rooms, a spacious training room, and 12 focus rooms. The result is a flexible space that allows the integration of both individual work and team work. Each zone has its own credo inspired from brand vision.

The front desk was the statement for the entire workplace. The Architect believed it always should be love at first sight and this was the way to prove this. The lamps, the lamellar wooden ceiling bring a homey atmosphere to the entire place. The light arrangements say “Welcome” in the entire scenery. Each zone is visually delimited by the carpet. According to the type of team that works in the area, the floor has nuances of red or yellow. The choice for drapes instead of blinds was the fine touch to complete the visual mix of a hospitable ambient.
The ventilation system was implemented having in mind the health of the employees – it constantly supplements fresh air into the rooms. The system itself is a very complex and heavy structure that needed specialized know-how to be calibrated. The lighting is obtained via sustainable LEDs for functional purpose, but also via custom made lamps as decorating items. The 6 printing zones are specially equipped with sorting recycle bins. The very tight deadline did not stay between us and a very elaborate project. The result was a very satisfied client and a great transition towards a new flex way of working thanks to Anda Manu’s expertise and innovative ideas and our team.


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