• Corporate Office Solutions • We Are Platinum! Again! •
• Corporate Office Solutions • We Are Platinum! Again! •
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Corporate Office Solutions designed the offices of FITBIT, based in Bucharest, Romania.

Platinum Partner - 2017


In 21 years of presence in Romania, we have completed over 10.000 projects.

The client wanted an energetic, vibrant, youthful place in warm colors, mostly with accents of intense colors in break out areas. Following the corporate lines of the brand, we created a space that encourages creativity, relaxation and productivity. Emphasis has been put on the wellbeing of the employees, which is why they have invested heavily in product quality. Break out zones have been created, both individually and in the areas that encourage collaboration. The employee's offices are Steelcase Ology - height-adjustable offices where work is standing, and in the collaborative areas we have introduced Steelcase Lagunitas - sofa with separating panels.

The impact areas are reception and dinning. At the reception and in the waiting area, live walls of muskets and lichens have been installed which amplifies the good feelings of employees or visitors when using these two areas. The kitchen has shelves and showcases where employees have coffee and snacks. There is also a relaxation area, where we find ping pong tables, bikes, trotters, available to employees for relaxation, taking into account the customer's requirements to create a more friendly working style for employees.

It encourages the flexibility of working areas, the places being theoretically allocated, but without the employees having to work from the same place every day. Encourage creativity with Clarus mobile writing boards, plus other different writing and sharing ideas. For the first floor there is a lot of emphasis on design. Architectural lighting has been chosen, placed on certain areas in the colors of the brand, plus concrete luminaires that will be disintegrated by employees. There will be a mother care area where pregnant women or young mothers can relax or breastfeed, along with a product test room where there will be treadmills, yoga areas, etc.

Also, space will accommodate a lab where various devices will be tested and product adjustments will be made. The dinning room wanted to be a get together area and includes a bar area, TV, colorful bar stools plus plants. There will also be a Town Hall meeting area for internal events, speech or training. Meeting rooms are ultra high tech and colorful plus Buzzi acoustic elements and Clarus writing boards for sharing ideeas. The carpet model is very interesting and was chosen to complement the design of the entire space. Interface's Composure Collection has been integrated to give the feeling of industrial space and the Infused Collection to give it fluidity.

The meeting areas have vibrant, different colors - magenta, azure, forest, mandarin - combined with buzzi acoustic elements in the same shades. To distinguish offices and employees' comfort, Steelcase's frameless screen screens have been selected and employees are encouraged to customize and embellish their work space with personal decorations. There is an IT Helpdesk area, a very high tech space that will serve as a software troubleshooting center for people outside the company. The overall idea emphasizes the wellbeing of employees and encourages mobility. COS work: design, furniture, custom-made furniture, relaxation areas, Clarus, Buzzi, laboratory furniture.


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