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• Corporate Office Solutions • We Are Platinum! Again! •
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CBRE Romania

Corporate Office Solutions designed the offices of professional services company CBRE, located in Bucharest, Romania.

Platinum Partner - 2017

CBRE Romania

In 20 years of presence in Romania, we have completed over 10.000 projects.

CBRE Romania is one of the leading real estate service providers in the country, established in 2008. In 2016, they changed their headquarters and called us to transform the 400 sq. m. office into an unconventional space that needed to stimulate employees to freely collaborate, but still breathing the brand characteristics.

The winning concept is based on the innovation characteristics of the brand. ”The Green Thunder” concept is designed as a combination between creativity (the lightning) and the symbol of nature and customer involvement in sustainability (green). That’s why the thunder became the leitmotif that binds all the spaces.

The reception area was designed as the central core, providing connection between clients and the working areas. Its configuration made it a flexible space that can be easily turned into a discussion area
The office redesigning centers around the new concept of hot desking assuming anyone in the company, starting with the managing director, no longer has fix desks. With a capacity of 30 workstations and one-person work pods - the intelligent furniture brings thoughtful ergonomic design to the lounge posture. Whether employees are searching for private, teamwork or brainstorming sites, there’s a perfect place for anyone.

Each meeting room has its own different design and theme, whether it’s one of the 4 meeting rooms for visitors, one of the 2 open space meeting rooms or one of the 5 chat rooms in the working area. Employees can also enjoy different thematic areas: an exclusive club atmosphere, a technology area, the Maps Room for evergreen explorers or the playful world of Lego.

We have used only high quality products, from carpet to office chairs. The Interface Human Nature carpet prompted people back to wildlife, reminding of the materials, textures and tones we find in the natural world. Also, the office was equipped with Gesture chairs, declared the best in the world in 2015. It’s known for the attractive design, quality, comfortability, dozens of finishing options and adjustability. In addition, we followed specific technical requirements that included: LED lighting lamps, adjustable supports for office monitors and large displays on many areas (meeting rooms and open spaces). The redesign and configuration significantly increased interdepartmental collaboration, and created a much more attractive working environment.


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