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• Corporate Office Solutions • We Are Platinum! Again! •
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We Are Platinum! Again!
Platinum Partner - 2017


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COS, awarded “Platinum Partner” for Steelcase 4 years in a row


The global leader of the office furniture industry, Steelcase, granted the honourable distinction to Corporate Office Solutions for the 4th time in the last 4 years. The “Platinum Partner” award is based on strict criteria related to dealers’ sales performance, financial stability and the rating received from clients in the previous year.


“This acknowledgment and the fact that we managed to put Romania on the Steelcase map at a very high level are very important to us. Steelcase is the global leader on the office furniture market and it is quite difficult to be granted and then to maintain this distinction. I could add that the Steelcase dealership is something you have to deserve, and we have been doing this for 22 years.” said Christophe Weller, co-founder and CEO of COS Romania.


“With this distinction we recognise the endeavour of the dealers who made the extra mile in the partnership with us. First of all, we analyse the financial results, where we have ambitious expectations.” said Mickael Locoh, Steelcase Sales Director North, Central, Eastern Europe, Africa & Central Asia.


“I started working with Christophe in September 1997, alongside a small team of talented and enthusiastic people. I have been with COS in this wonderful experience for over 20 years, with successes and failures, with a continuous quality increase of the completed projects, with many lessons learned along the way.” said Elena Ardelean, Dealer Business Manager Central Europe at Steelcase.



Local office furniture market


“The office furniture market in Romania is estimated at approximately 60-65 million euros, out of which COS, through the Steelcase brand, made last year over 12 million euros sales, which offer us a very strong position in a highly fragmented market. For this year the common objectives aim at a 10 percent increase in sales. We base our estimation on the new innovative products that we will soon announce,” said Christophe Weller.



What’s next for the COS and Steelcase partnership


“This year we will try to increase our turnover 10%. We will be providing even more and new inspiring solutions, especially now when Steelcase came here to train us. We will be able to increase our market share thanks to these novelties.” said Christophe Weller.


“In 1999, Romania was behind. Now, a lot of companies that we work with in Romania are in advance. In advance to what we see in the US, what we see in France. You are trend setters in what you do.” added Mickael Locoh.



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