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In any interior, the floor is fundamental. It has a huge impact on both the look and feel of a space. And, unlike any other surface, it has to withstand the wear and tear of feet and furniture.

Interface creates floors that combine visual appeal, functional performance and design freedom. They do this with modular carpet, a concept they invented to meet the fast-changing needs of the workplace.

Interface 25cm x 1m Skinny Planks bring new proportion and scale to carpet tile, giving you new power to create fresh, exciting floor designs.

A more expressive visual vocabulary.
The Skinny Planks' scale and directionality gives you an expanded range of design options. Create floors that better reflect the geometry and flow of surrounding space. Use contrasting Skinny Planks to create large-scale tile patterns, provide wayfinding cues, or work and activity zones. And this is just the beginning!

Planks or squares, our tiles all work together.
In addition to 25cm x 1m Skinny Planks, the Interface modular carpet tile system includes 50cm x 1m planks, 1m squares, and 50cm squares. All work together in any combination, giving you a carpet tile design platform with unparalleled options.

A shape that’s better at hiding seams.
Want the benefits of carpet tile without the look of carpet tile? Use Skinny Planks, same style and color, laid in an ashlar pattern. They’ll blend near seamlessly across the floor, giving you the benefits of modularity and the continuous look of broadloom.

A soft hard surface.
Love the look of wood plank flooring? Think luxury vinyl plank flooring is stunning? Patterns—like herringbone or ashlar—make them appealing. You get the same patterning possibilities with Interface Skinny Planks. You also get floor covering that’s soft, quiet and much more economical than hard surfaces.


Skinny Planks™ offer ultimate design flexibility. Their long lines can mimic the look of broadloom or help you create large scale patterns. They create a sense of movement that’s perfect for wayfinding cues or just outlining specific areas. Mix them with squares and your options are exponentially greater.

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Schedule a visit to COS showroom to see the textures, the colors, the styles and the flexibility, Skinny Planks can offer.




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