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Mikomax research activities continuously investigate how the office environment affects employee productivity and efficiency. The results clearly showed that the implementation of change in the traditionally-arranged open spaces should become a key objective for managers near future.


Research shows that less than 25% of respondents feel their office layout supports them in working effectively. A slightly higher percentage of people think their office is a pleasant working environment but only 11% of those interviewed admit they willingly welcome guests into their current place of work. Only every fifth respondent acknowledged that the office in which they work supports the team in building a sense of community. As a result, in their current offices, employees are often not motivated, do not work efficiently and they lack a sense of belonging or support from their employer.

Consider this question – how much is the company losing on this?

After all, changing the current working space is possible. Introducing changes in the current design of the office does not have to mean expensive, one-time rearrangements of the entire space. Changes made gradually, with the involvement of the whole team, will not only have a positive effect on the immediate environment of the employee but also on their commitment and productivity. As a result, ensuring a pleasant workplace will not only improve the working atmosphere but also impact positively on the overall performance of the company.

What elements of the office interior positively affect the efficiency of the workers?  Research undertaken by JLL and Skanska under the auspices of ABSL* shows that workplace comfort is a key factor. By “comfort”, we include the adjustment of the individual’s immediate environment – workstations with ergonomic facilities (e.g. sit/stand desks) or acoustic solutions, attenuating noise in the office environment.

Another very important factor is providing employees with opportunities to work in a separate space, protected from distracting noise or to provide them with appropriate zones dedicated to specific types of activity such as short meetings, creative work or relaxation.


There is no doubt that a change in the approach to the configuration of workplaces has already begun. Employers are becoming increasingly aware of the needs of employees, knowing that correctly-designed spaces not only awakens teams’ creative thinking and productivity but also helps to improve well-being and health.

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