In 19 years of presence in Romania we have completed more than 7500 projects.


Light and design for a top travel company


The mixture of materials, textures and colors used in the project reflect the identity of this traveling company in a modern, contemporary manner.
HaaK Studio Representatives

Following the successful collaboration with EXIMTUR on a previous design project for the Cluj-Napoca offices, COS and HaaK Studio were appointed to design and furbish the newly acquired office space in Bucharest, on 26, Armand Călinescu Street.

The design concept was built upon several constraints that had to be balanced in order to achieve an integrated solution.

On one hand, the architect had to leverage the advantages of a naturally lit space in organizing the work area in relation to the curtain glass wall. As a result the open space was structured in such a manner that the light would touch the inner working areas also. We used two furnishing typologies made possible through the flexibility of Steelcase products: individual working areas in direct relation to the facade and a collective area with a compact bench in the middle of the space.

Another important issue was to ensure in this open space, private areas with a multifunctional role that would host meetings or working groups and a private office. The glass cube ensures just that, a closed space that is well lit while maintaining a certain level of transparency.

The break room is the kitchenette area where the bar was designed in relation to an existing window in order to ensure light and perspective for the employees.

From the branding standpoint, the brief established that this office space would function as an interface with the corporate sector, hence the EXIMTUR BUSINESS service logo was adopted.

In order to ensure the identity of the space several graphical maps were specially designed that reflect the activity and the special designation of this travel company. There is a country map made with natural urban lichens and a led backlit world map made off glass.

The mixture of materials, textures and colors used in the project reflect the identity of this traveling company in a modern, contemporary manner. As a result EXIMTUR BUSINESS now has a functional, comfortable and efficient working place.

Client: Eximtur

Industry: Tourism

Company profile: Travel Company

Scope: Furniture supply

Size: 150 sq m

Project Completion Date: 2016

Location: 26, Armand Călinescu Street, Bucharest

Architect: HaaK Studio

IPSO Agricultura

Privacy and comfort in a glass shell


Starting from the challenging mission to carry out our requirements and through to the level of the whole project management process, we greatly appreciated the attention paid for each detail, matter if we refer to product, cost-quality level, deadline, alternative solutions, customer care and all other features which could provide us a better added value and a professional image.
Florin Flacau, Network Development Manager at IPSO

With 20 years of experience in agriculture and hundreds of employees, IPSO Agricultura is the number 1 provider of agricultural machinery in Romania and the sole authorized importer of John Deere vehicles and machinery. The company provides integrated solutions for agricultural producers, spare parts, field service and operator training.

IPSO Agricultura iscollaborating with Steelcase/COS since its foundation, in 1996. The company wanted us to design their new office as well, and contacted us when the building was almost finished.

The building in Mogoșoaia included the headquarter, with a capacity of 140 workstations, and a training center distributed on 2 floors.

Since the very beginning, one of the biggest challenges the project came with finding the solutions to make it look and feel warm and comfortable.

The building was designed with lots of glass, both on the outside and on the inside. Understanding that communication and transparency are key messages for the brand was essential, yet the indoor glass partition raised some technical issues that could have affected the comfort and space utility.

One aspect of dealing with lots of glass was finding intelligent solutions to protect the offices against sunlight and to provide the privacy needed in the meeting rooms for video wall projections. That’s why the smart blinds installed on windows offered privacy depending on the sun positioning.

The”all glass issue” also reflected on furnishing the rooms, finding ourselves in front of another real challenge to position the cabinets on the glass walls. That’s why each of the 7 offices (with a capacity of 1-12 people, depending on departments) was individually designed in order to find the proper places for cabinets, boards and documents.

We provided Steelcase and Narbutas premium furniture following a classic design style, sprinkled with modern elements. The cold sensation of glass was softened by soothing warm colors and wooden finishes. Along with the furniture and floor made out of veneer imitation, the space was converted into a cozy and welcoming place to be.

Each floor has its own cafeteria with custom made furniture, a bar and individual tables where the employees can enjoy a good coffee while having a discussion, working or simply watching TV. All the tables have access to cables, plugs, TV screen and are equipped properly to securely receive inside information.

One of the most inspiring places in the building is the inner courtyard, a perfect place to socialize with the other colleagues, as it is accessible from the meeting rooms and cafeterias.

A particular attention was given to the training rooms which stretched over 2 floors in the Training Center. It was very important for the company to provide all the technical support and utilities for their trainees in order to assimilate as quickly as possible the sophisticated information they needed to know before working on machines. Therefore, the training center included a space with lockers, Steelcase premium modular furniture with sockets and desks for the teachers.

The sustainability and functionality of the project were two of the main purposes in making this project. We tried to bring inspiration to the employees through an environment as pleasant and welcoming as possible and, at the same time, which provided both utility and functionality.

The project offered premium quality at a reasonable cost for the client. Having a great communication and a deep understanding of the business helped us reach some great results we can be proud of.


Client: IPSO Agricultura

Industry: Agriculture

Company profile: Importer and distributor of agricultural equipment and machinery

Scope: Concept design, visual communication & presentation solutions, video wall and audio-video systems, furniture supply

Size: 1.700 sqm

Project Completion Date: 2015

Location: Mogosoaia

Architect: Ioana Stanescu, COS

Construction: ALU DESIGN

No. of Workstations: 140


The Vivid Workplace


We started from the client's organizational culture and brand and added the local Romanian flavor.
Mihaela Udriste, Senior Project Director , COS

Kellogg’s wanted to open their first support center office in Romania and create an environment where employees are encouraged to follow their passion and feel part of the brand.

In the first phase, the company headquartered in the United States had to decide between 4 potential offices. Therefore, we offered our support, knowledge and experience to find the best solution for them. We simulated 4 space plannings, one for each building. Finally, they chose a place with a lot of potential: the 4th floor and part of the 3rd floor in Floreasca Park.

The next steps were on us, from coordinating all the specialties to finding smart ways to get a contemporary workplace and inspiring relaxation areas.

Our solution: From the very beginning, when Kellogg’s addressed us, we did some research and took a close look back to their roots, trying to find out what things define them best. Kellogg’s is cereal and convenience foods producer focused on offering quality and natural products to their clients, so we got inspired by the company itself: bringing nature into their offices. Just like Kellogg’s enriches and delights families from all over the world so they can flourish and thrive every day.

Our approach: Vivid colors and large open spaces defined by modularity, fulfilling most of the employee’s needs (secure meeting & training rooms, desk configuration and relaxation areas).

One of the most challenging parts of the project was to meet the strict scrutiny regarding brand identity so typical to American companies. We followed strict guidelines for wall graphics, color palettes, product prints and texts.

Special requirements were asked for the meeting rooms, equipped with high end video conference technology with a superior security degree.

Employees are always on the first place so now they can enjoy a colored office, large wallpapers with natural landscapes, colored palettes and cereals, private meeting rooms offering high deadening, dry & normal cafeteria, offices especially designed for laptop use, equipped with kensington lock, a system that secures the laptop on the desk.

According to the client feedback, we wouldn’t be high and mighty by saying we successfully found the solutions to reconstruct the place into a hospitable, engaging and stimulating office which leads to performance.

Client: Kellogg’s

Industry: FMCG

Company profile: American multinational food manufacturing company


Size: 2500 sq. m

Project Completion Date: 2014

Location: Floreasca Park, Bucharest

Architect: Andrei Angelescu, COS

Construction: MC Construct installations, in collaboration with the building designers

No. of Workstations: 250

King Digital Entertainment

The Scandinavian landscape


I wanted to create a kingdom where you can play with ideas, surrounded by trees, clouds, game characters designed by the company, swings and relaxation areas. A magical land where people feel relaxed, a space that inspires and gives them freedom of expression, of creativity.
Architect Ana-Marie Voinescu, KING

King, an interactive entertainment company from Sweden, wanted to open a new creative office in Romania, Bucharest, but at a closer look we may say that together we opened one of THE most creative office of all. It all came up from the idea of recreating Nordic stories and mysterious realms. Then, it became natural to shape the concept: the northern kingdom.

The architect had the complete freedom to create a fantasy world where elements, both peculiar and functional, came together.

Miniature rocks at the reception area are a reference to the wildest areas in the North. A ”curtain” of birches emphasizes the natural, while the angular shape of the reception desk, made of white Corian, perfectly recreates a snowy northern landscape.

The meeting rooms define certain areas so you do not feel you’re in a warehouse, creating a sort of maze. They were designed as independent buildings made out of poplar plywood set on a steel structure. They have a lower inner height than the height of the entire floor in order to give the feeling of entering in a kingdom house. Moreover, employees named each meeting room accordingly: ”King’s landing”, ”The Batcave”, ”We need to talk”, ”Shadow realm” or ”Love nest”.

A design element that defines all King studios - an orange strip - surrounds the whole studio. It was creatively included to create a link between the reception area and other areas of the office. It’s just like a route through game levels, as being an element found in the games created by them.

Designing the concrete floor as the architect wanted was one of the biggest challenges of the project. The solution was to be polished and ”sealed” with polyurethane which made it look spectacular.

Employees can enjoy dining in a huge kitchen with views on the Opera Square. The room was separated from the rest of the office by a glass wall on a black metal structure, enhancing the industrial air of the building. The kitchen is also designed to be used as a game area (with a foosball and ping-pong table), as well as a meeting room with all the employees (it’s equipped with a video projector).

Designing King’s studio was a real challenge both from a creative and technical perspective, but the result enriches the space and offers inspiration to the employees who can now proudly say they work in one of the most creative offices in Romania.

Client: King Digital Entertainment

Industry: IT&C

Company profile: Mobile gaming


Size: 1.700 sq. m

Project Completion Date: 2014

Location: 4th floor of Opera Center, Bucharest

Architect: Ana-Marie Voinescu

Construction: MC Construct installations, in collaboration with the building designers

No. of Workstations: 130


Tech to the Core


The new Lenovo headquarters is located in a green building with plenty natural light, that offers a more spacious workplace to the employees than the previous scantly HQ and also a series of new facilities that aim to inspire creativity.
Lenovo Representatives

The tech hero in these pages is Lenovo Romania, the biggest PC producer worldwide, one of the most important players in the mobile equipment market and an important presence in the IT servers and stocking stations. As a growing business, Lenovo took over the x 86 server divisions and a research center from IBM, consequently growing its team in Romania. So, the 12 Lenovo employees and their new 148 colleagues needed a new workplace, a tech haven to spend their working day in full harmony.

The tech concept: It was only natural for us to build a tech to the core new headquarters for a rather complex client in cooperation with other partners. The concept was inspired by the specifics of the client and followed a route of connectivity, of integration. The tech core in our design proposal fit perfectly in the lives of the 160 people and will serve as future inspiration for their future creativity and tech exploration scope.

The tech approach: the futuristic overview brings all the best in our tech theme. The new Lenovo offices are all about the geek universe, almost as if or inspiration was the Enterprise ship. The headquarters present new technologized rooms and sectors, perfectly adjusted for the IT minds. Even the floor resembles a connected system making them feel that each step is a step towards a new discovery.

The tech use of space: The relocation was a challenge in terms of finding the right place for the whole team and for the whole data center. Also, as tech and the natural world go hand in hand our goal was to find a green place with modern architecture to support the team’s innovative spirit. The Floreasca Business Park became the host for the workspace, meeting rooms, and recreation places of the Lenovo employees. Also, to stir their creativity everybody can work in an unusual and surprising workplace: a high chair & stand up zone.

All in all, the moving day was a great day for science and for the wellbeing of 160 people who now enjoy their 100%tech workplace that puts their rich minds and their healthy bodies first.


Industry: Technology

Company profile: Personal technology company and the world's largest PC vendor


Size: 2000 sq m

Project Completion Date: August 2015

Location: Calea Floreasca 169A, Building B, Bucharest

Design: Andrei Angelescu & Dragos Miler, COS

Construction: COS

No. of Workstations: 160

Schneider Electric

Biophilic Design for a Sustainability Champion


Each idea that helped creating our headquarters represents us as a company, but mostly highlights the principles that guide our employees and promote a friendly and energy efficient lifestyle. Also, we enjoy a workplace built at high standards with a high level of comfort, where sustainability is a key word.
Alina Rosu, Field Marketing Manager at Schneider Electric

When you’re a worldwide expert in the energy & automatization management, it is only logical to want your employees to work in a building you took part in building. Consequently, for its Bucharest offices, Schneider played a double role: both supplier and client in the Green Court Building. So, the company took the role of promoter of energy saving and helped building one of the greenest workplaces in Bucharest. Our part was to meet the expectations and deliver a design concept that perfectly suited our clients work principles.

Natural and illustrative, our concept was Biophilia, and we decided to describe graphically the innate relationship between humans and nature. An increasing research base has identified the positive benefits of biophilic design in supporting multiple organizational outcomes, including well-being, performance and creativity. So, the effects of providing this connection to nature went much deeper than simple employee satisfaction. The visual identity of the office followed the intimate integration one can find only in natural places, delivering a feeling of safety, of serendipity. Each room has its own personality, its own life; so the whole space is an employee centric ecosystem.

The star colors: GREEN, orange, natural beige, and red formed a modern natural mix. All these dressed elegant premium, yet comfortable furniture.

The natural use of space: 30% closed space complementary to 70% open space – the perfect ratio to promote organic relationships among the Schneider employees. The result: 12 meeting halls (from one person spaces to 20 people video conference rooms), mobile walls to personalize the space according to punctual needs, 2 laboratory like rooms equipped with testing materials, two kitchens to energize the employees.

Activity Based Working: We provided a variety of workplace settings and integrated technology that supports mobility. This allows people to locate according to the activity to be undertaken; from focused work to impromptu open and informal meetings. The allocation of dedicated workstations was limited and determined according to job function, with flexible and nomadic staff to share desks. The final goal: streamline the working processes via a working symbiosis.

All in all the concept is fully integrated in the workplace design and embodies the whole Schneider philosophy. A Biophilic Design for a Sustainability Champion

Client: Schneider Electric Romania

Industry: Energy

Company profile: (Green) Energy Solutions Supplier

Scope: Furniture supply & custom made elements, Design & space planning

Size: 3500 sq. m

Project Completion Date: September 2015

Location: Green Court Bucharest

Designer: Madalina Movileanu, Designer COS

Construction: Green Court - Skanska

No. of Workstations: 230


The headquarters of professionals, the cozy place for a family-like team


We used colors that impressed calmness and a cozy homely spirit; there are many nature inspired elements, integrated in personalized objects.
Architect Andrei Budala, COS

Founded in 1989 and fully owned by BNP Paribas, Arval specializes in full service vehicle leasing and is present in almost 25 countries with over 4000 employees. With a growing business and a larger and larger number of employees, Arval Romania pushed the refresh button: a new headquarter to meet the new need of the team.

So, what made the Romanian team special? We took a closer look to understand them. We were inspired by their free spirit and their real connection with clients, their humor and outstanding professionalism, their continuous innovation and their pure personal connection. We found out that the 51 employees are a real family and we built around this discovery in their new homely offices at Ethos House.

The interior design concept was influenced by the specific needs of this type of business, but also by the needs of each employee. We put first their comfort, following three strategic levels: physical comfort, cognitive comfort and emotional comfort. Our higher purpose in this particular project: the wellbeing of the Arval Romania Employees. Were we to sum it up in one word that would be WELLBEING.

A warm infusion of colors, a pastel of forms that intertwine, elegant elements that merge into functional objects, informal relaxing spaces build up an office for a real family. We quenched the socializing need and also offered reliable office solutions. On the one hand, the Arval headquarters boasts of 3 conference rooms, 2 quiet rooms and 2 informal meeting points in an open space. On the other hand, the new office came with an additional relaxing area with armchairs, Wii and a library.

A growing business, inspiring people and a new It office space in town – these were our challenges. We agreed on delivering the most efficient way to balance relaxing areas with working spaces and created a homely workplace.

Client: Arval Romania | BNB Paribas Group

Industry: Automobile Leasing

Company profile: Global leader in full service vehicle leasing, specialized in innovative and tailored fleet solutions

Scope: Relocation. Office design

Size: 1000 sq m

Project Completion Date: November, 2014

Location: Ethos House, Bucharest

Architect: Corina Britz & Andrei Budala, COS

Construction: COS

Federal Mogul

The Swiss Clockwork-ing place


We wanted a space that combined the company values with the needs of the members of our team. We focused on the easing of communication, on the creation of open spaces for working and relaxing, on graphics inspired of our daily activities.
Alexandra Cretu, Marketing Coordinator at Federal Mogul

The Clockwork: The Federal-Mogul Friction Services Team moved in the new headquarters in October 2014. That was a key moment for the company as it meant the opening of its EMEA operation center. Together with this center, the company was present in Romania through two other factories in Ploiesti– one manufacturing friction pads, and the other windshield cleaners. Summing up, the company meant over 500 Romanian employees, a team that was continuously growing.

When we designed the Federal Mogul concept, we inspired from the company activity – the technological reflection in human nature, a theme recurrent in the visuals applied literally on the walls of the spaces, and creatively in the premiumness of the integrated furniture. The spatial compartmentalization is minimalist, the whole set-up is made in neutral colors, opened, with subtle accents and nuances that build up a modern and agreeable ambient.

We took a closer look at the needs of Federal Mogul and understood that a service center needs flexibility. So everything revolved around this necessity and embraced one main function: people meeting people. We built a modular conference room that can be divided into smaller compartments, but we also built an open space for corporate events or for relaxing time. The 6 smaller meeting rooms offer a more intimate   alternative for meetings, in an elegant and practical environment. Each room has its own personality, yet together they form a perfect contrivance.

Team mechanics & space flow: The open spaces preponderate in the company headquarters simply as a consequence of two main company values: open communication and continuous communication. Full open spaces both in workplaces and in relaxing rooms facilitate a better collaboration among company employees. They can socialize in the small breaks they take and can co-create when they need each other to complete a task. It’s all about bringing people together. Helping them to work together in a greater clockwork.

Open spaces, relaxing places, an imagery that combines wild life with tech life – this is a glimpse of the federal Mogul Office in Bucharest. An office functional and beautiful like a Swiss Clockwork.

Client: Federal Mogul

Industry: Automotive

Company profile: Suppliers of original and aftermarket automotive products


Size: 1500 sq m

Project Completion Date: August 2015

Location: Building B, 6th floor, Calea Floreasca 169A, Bucharest

Architect: Laura Dragomir & Andrei Angelescu, COS

Project Management: COS


A biophilic design


Our mission was to assist them with the move into their new premises and bring nature into indoor space through a coherent design concept that would shape the entire office environment.
Tudor Borsan, Project Director, COS

Biophilic design is an innovative way of designing the places where we live, work and learn. This concept theorizes that humans have a biological need to connect with nature on physical, mental, and social levels, and that this connection affects our personal well-being, and productivity.

Secom’s vision for connecting people and nature was the starting point for the design of their new house, an innovative, 2-level circular office building, which allows the natural light to flood the space. Our mission was to assist them with the move into their new premises and bring nature into indoor space through a coherent design concept that would shape the entire office environment.

Given the biophilic design of the building, sustainability was a decisive factor for the selection of materials, products and decorations. The exceptional quality of the products as well as their sustainability certification, made Steelcase furniture and Interface carpet the right choice for this project. From a well-being point of view, the colorful informal meeting areas, featuring Steelcase’s B Free range, creates a lasting impression and can act as a refreshing and stimulating factor for the company’s staff.

Client: Secom

Industry: Food/Health

Company Profile: Import and distribution of natural dietary supplements

Scope: Office design & build

Size: 600 sq m

Project Completion Date: Winter 2012

Location: Calea Bucuresti nr 83-85, Tunari, Ilfov

Architect: Dragos Miler, COS

Constructions: COS Technics

No. of workstations: 45


WorkLab. The next step in the concept of Open Space.


Through WorkLab, COS made the next step towards a flexible and dynamic work environment.
Corina Maxim, Architect, COS

WorkLab – the next step in the concept of Open Space

Present on the Romanian market for 16 years, COS has been involved together with its clients in more than 6000 projects, transforming their workplaces. When it came to redecorating its own office in Victoria Business Park, the architect Corina Maxim created a leading-edge concept, allowing people to adapt the space for their undergoing activities, all for an exquisite experience at work.

The 1000 sq. space has been restructured in the Hot Desking area and assigned desks area, completed by an open space of 173 sq., including a zone for meetings with the clients, a mini-café and a Living Room for relaxation. In this multifunctional space, situated in the core of the WorkLab, COS employees have the possibility to work individually, collaborate and discuss with colleagues or clients in alternative ways.

The COS Sales representatives spend approximately a third of their time at the office, therefore the architect opted for the Hot Desking system. The people who do not have allocated desks have the freedom to pick the right spot depending on their type of activity. They can use not only the high benches from Steelcase, but also the Café, the Living Room or any other desk from the other departments too.  Thus, the chances to interact with their colleagues increase and the final result is an improved communication on the projects.

Creation Room is a concept inspired by Steelcase, world leader in office furniture. This is an open space dedicated to meetings with clients, which offer the sales team the possibility to create the premises of a future project in an informal environment. The meeting table is surrounded by samples from all COS suppliers, which can be tested and matched on the white furniture spots around.

Café is a mini coffee spot inspired by the design of the famous American coffee shops, preferred by business people for meetings. Located right in the heart of the WorkLab, this is an alternative place where COS employees can work individually and invite their clients for talks over a cup of coffee.

Breaks are important to keep the productivity up and the positive mood during the working hours. The Living Room is a comfortable and warm space which reminds of the cozy mood from home. Here, COS employees can withdraw for a moment of introspection, to regain their concentration.



Client: COS

Industry: Office interior design and fit-out

Company profile: Leading specialist in workplace consultancy & design, fit out, M&E works, project management and office furniture supply, for office interiors.

Scope: Office design

Size: 1.000 sqm

Project completion date: November 2014

Location: Victoria Business Park

Architecture project: arh. Corina Maxim


Bright, open, user friendly office.


Having a great office where you can see innovations and projects is very useful. The office is a credit, professional and smart just like the employees.
James Tysoe, Workplace Strategist EMEA Facilities Solutions - Pfizer

Being a socially and environmentally responsible company, Pfizer was keen on finding a green office building for their relocation envisaged for summer 2011. Their choice went for a LEED certified building, located in the green outskirts of Bucharest. Our mission was to support them with design consultancy and deliver environmentally-responsible office furniture.

In terms of space design, the choice went for a natural and dynamic open plan office, combining natural tones like the warm wood acacia and the green color of nature, with a touch of orange, a color which stimulates mental activity. The color mix conveys a combination of harmony, freshness, equilibrium and energy.

Along with this effect, the grey color provides a positive impact and helps find the right balance between the natural and dynamic elements, ultimately creating a space that stimulates activity and interaction.

Client’s intention was to have a flexible and technologically advanced working environment that is safe, healthy, durable and pleasant, a place where employees would feel comfortable working. Having a bright and spacious space, filled with natural light, segregation of waste and recycling, green sources of furniture, were topics very much taken into consideration by the client in this project.

Furniture-wise, we proposed a range of different types of group workstations to create different landscapes within the office. With its contemporary shape, simplicity and flexibility, Fusion desking platform by Steelcase made it easy to build smaller or larger configurations in team spaces without compromising valuable square metres. With the addition of Partito rail and screen, people could focus on their work, communicate easily with their colleagues and help with the organization of their work surface.

Client: Pfizer Romania

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Company profile: World's largest research-based pharmaceutical company

Scope: office relocation and furniture supply

Size: 1,800 sqm

Project completion date: June 2011

Location: Willbrook Platinum and Convention Center, Bucharest

Architecture project: Graphtech

Design consultant: Arch. Anca Badea, COS

Constructions: Willbrook Construct

No. of workstations: 182

Unilever Romania

Openness enables greater collaboration.


For this beautiful project, we worked together with the architects from AMA Design to make sure that the mix between old and new would be perfect.
Tudor Borsan, Project Director, COS

The office environment should be less a place for production and more a place for exchanging of ideas. This was the belief that inspired consumer goods’ giant Unilever to revamp their existing offices in Baneasa Business & Technology Park, Bucharest.

Architecture company AMA Design was selected to create the new unique and highly customized office space, able to reflect the client’s organisation culture. Due to our business relationship with Unilever, which dates back in 1998, we were selected to implement the architect’s concept, and thus redefine the 2,500 sq m workspace.

The client’s intention was to move from a culture of individual offices to open plan, even for senior leaders, optimize information flows and ultimately improve the work atmosphere. Therefore, the change began by rethinking the space plan, previously dominated by closed offices, and shifting to a spacious open plan layout. Keeping the same dynamic spirit, hot desking was adopted, meaning that multiple employees have now the possibility to use a single physical workstation during different time periods. This alternative set up offers many advantages, ranging from optimizing real estate to creating a more flexible way of working.

From changes in the space plan, the architects moved on to the customization of furniture. The concept meant blending some of their existing furniture, with new Steelcase furniture and unique, custom-made accessories (lamps, paintings,etc.). In this stage, we worked together with the architects from AMA Design to make sure that the mix between old and new would be perfect. The various meeting rooms, different relaxation or brainstorming areas also received highly visible customization. Each of the meeting rooms is named after a Unilever product, and fitted with out-of-the-box accessories to reflect the brand’s identity. Moreover, the carpet is different in each of these spaces, as to emphasize once more the uniqueness of each room.

Client: Unilever Romania

Industry: FMCG

Company profile: Multinational Consumer Goods Company

Scope: Office Design & Build

Size: 2500 sq m

Project Completion Date: May 2013

Location: Baneasa Business and Technology Park, Bucharest

Architect: AMA Design

Project Management: COS

Construction: COS

No. of Workstations: 200

Volksbank Branches

Bold and neat design


An important component of the re-branding process of Volksbank Romania is the revamping of their existing branch offices, a phase in which we assist them by providing contemporary office furniture.
Ionut Munteanu - Senior Project Director, COS

An important component of the re-branding process of Volksbank Romania is the revamping of their existing branch offices, a phase in which we assist them by providing contemporary office furniture.

The project consists of 130 branch refurbishments and the estimated date for completion is April 2014. The main challenge in this project is the short timescale for completing each branch office refurbishment. For some existing branches, because it is vital not to interrupt the banking daily operations, works are scheduled during weekends only. The staff leaves their workplace on Friday, only to find it completely revamped on Monday morning.

For their branch office re-branding, Volksbank preferred a very bold design, extremely neat and bright. The furniture together with the special custom-made cashier desks, complemented by large, white lamps, and carpet textures set the design apart, giving it a totally unexpected look for a banking environment.

Client: Volksbank Romania

Industry: Banking

Company Profile: Austrian retail bank present in Romania since 2000

Scope: Office furniture

Size: 100-300 sq m/ branch

Project Completion Date: On-going, closing in 2014

Location: All around the country



Employing the new generation: Millennials


Young generations need instant collaboration. The lounge set-up for in-between areas creates a space for ad-hoc interactions
Arch Delia Alexandra Didea - Senior Project Director at COS

A new generation is taking its place into the workplace - the Millennials (born after 1980s). They can work anywhere, need fun open collaborative spaces and their use of space is informal and fluid. Oracle took into account this issue when, at the end of 2010, they were expanding by employing these young people and needed to design a warm and motivating environment. Oracle is a very dynamic company.

When they grow, they have to move certain departments from one building to another. That means the furniture has to be resistant and easy to reconfigure in order to endure several dismantling & installation cycles. Oracle found this key strength in the Steelcase furniture and, ever since 2002, for their offices in Romania they've been using the same ranges. This new project yielded excellent results. Open spaces with 100 workstations/floor were created in combination with open collaboration areas, flexible meeting rooms and a light and spacious cafeteria. In addition, the vivid design of the Interface carpet brought a sense of orientation into the space, by separating working areas from circulation ones.

It seems Oracle understood well the needs of this talented, mobile new generation and translated it into the work environment and culture. At Oracle, people often work in teams, and they have a range of work settings to choose from according to the activity and their instant preferences.

Client: Oracle Romania

Industry: Information Technology

Company Profile: Oracle provides complete, open and integrated business software and hardware systems.

Scope: Furniture and carpet supply

Size: 4 000 sq m

Project Completion Date: January 2011

Location: Nusco Tower, 11-15th Floors, Bucharest

Architecture Project: Cub Architecture

No of Workstations: 500

eMag & Flanco

A dynamic design for a dynamic industry


We needed an office that would fully represent us and that would allow our future development.
Iulian Stanciu - eMag General Manager

In 2011, due to their rapid business growth, eMag - the largest online store in Romania, needed to relocate their Bucharest headquarters. When they've decided to move together with Flanco, eMag appointed COS for the design and fit-out of their new offices in Swan Office & Technology Park, a BREEAM certified green building in Bucharest.

The activity in which both eMag and Flanco operate required a functional, flexible and aesthetic workplace design, in order to respond to the needs of their staff, mostly under the age of 30. So, when they asked COS to design their new headquarter, we knew we could design something really different. Our architects played with different materials and a daring mix of colours, carefully selected to fit each area, in order to achieve a sense of optimism and confidence that would inspire people working there.

As a final design touch, we let our creativity go wild when designing the leisure area, a place where everyone can come to relax or hold brainstorming sessions.

Client: eMag & Flanco

Industry: Retail & Technology

Company Profile: eMag, the largest online store in Romania, and Flanco, major electronic retail store chain in Romania

Scope: HQ relocation, office design and build

Size: 3 500 sq m

Project Completion Date: October 2011

Location: Swan Office & Technology Park

Architecture Project: Arch. Corina Maxim, COS

Constructions: COS

No of Workstations: 300


Evolution led workspace re-design


Because of the client’s thoughtful attention to sustainability, the choice went for high-quality, environmentally certified products, such as the Steelcase office furniture and the Interface modular carpet.
Mihaela Udriste, COS

With a 15-year experience in industrial and environmental protection engineering, Tecnoservice is now a leader in projects related to power generation plants in Romania. Company’s growth and the wish to offer its employees a more modern workplace, were the main reasons for the client’s decision to relocate to an A-class green office building at the beginning of 2013.

Together with the client, we designed a workspace that would allow future expansions as the company will continue to grow in the near future. The office design was also carefully thought to incorporate the brand identity of the company, expressed by quality, elegance and power. The client welcomed COS architect’s idea of generously inserting the brand colours in the furniture and architectural elements, including carpet and decorations. Because of the client’s thoughtful attention to sustainability, the choice went for high-quality, environmentally certified products, such as the Steelcase office furniture and the Interface modular carpet.

The end-result is a bright and generous workspace, which came perfectly to support the company’s evolution and need for a contemporary change, office design wise.


Client: Tecnoservice

Industry: Engineering

Company Profile: Industrial and environmental protection projects related to power generation plants

Scope: Design and build

Size: 700 sq m

Project Completion Date: January 2013

Location: Swan Office & Technology Park, Bucharest

Constructions: COS Technics

Architect: COS

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Romania

Well-being @ work.


If we could synthesize in one sentence the main factor that contributed to having such a good collaboration with our client, is that we related very well to GSK’s mission as we also work to create solutions for a better life.
Mihaela Udriste, Senior Project Director, COS

Do more, feel better, live longer, the GSK mission, and also the starting point for planning the new headquarters for one of the leaders of the pharmaceutical market, present in Romania for more than 20 years.

The workplace had to embed the new GSK philosophy of the working environment that tears down classic separations between management and staff, and encourages information sharing, teamwork and collaboration in a variety of workspaces.

That being the case, the new workplace strategy meant assigning workstations for focused work, but also plenty of room for collaborative work, in both open and closed space. At the same time, the office had to be able to make a quick transition from supporting focused individual work to group collaboration.

The solution was to create a large open plan office - equipped with smart and flexible furniture ranges from Steelcase - but also to provide plenty of collaboration areas. Thereby, the architect envisaged several interaction rooms, having a work surface for use by one person, or a small group, comfortable seating and technology support.

The private offices that usually house the management went away. These spaces were re-imagined and redesigned to support the type of work being done, which often requires quick shifts between focused individual work and collaboration. So, all management works in open space, next to the staff, but their concentrated work is also supported by having quick private access to quiet rooms.

Innovation needs places where people can share knowledge and build on each other’s ideas. We believe that this is the case for the GSK offices, proving that the right space can help organizations work better.

Client: GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Romania

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Company profile: One of the world's leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, headquartered in the UK and globally represented in over 100 countries

Scope: Fit-out, furniture supply and relocation

Size: 2,780 sq m

Project completion date: December 2010

Location: Opera Center Building 5-6th floors, Bucharest

Architectural project: arch. Cristian Ghitau

Design: SL&A International Inc.

Constructions: COS

No. of workstations: No. of workstations: 178


A high-tech office that keeps people plugged in


Taking into consideration our strong business relationship with Plexus and the satisfaction expressed by all employees regarding the new work environment, we consider the project a success.
Marius Marza - Senior Project Director, COS

In 2011, Plexus decided to move from a rented facility to their own newly constructed building in Euro Business Park, Oradea, and incorporate the plant, warehouses and office space in the same place. First, we entered the project as fit-out subcontractors of GSE Group, European leader for design and build for the professional property market, responsible for the construction of the Plexus building.

GSE also introduced us to Plexus as a prospective supplier for office design and furniture. Given our timely responses and problem solving approach, Plexus trusted us for the implementation of their new workplace and we were delighted to work on a project of such a scale.

We dedicated a local project management team responsible with the coordination of 150 people, working as COS sub-contractors. The project brought a new activity for COS, as we imported most of the construction materials directly from Germany, France and Czech Republic. This allowed us to keep the project within the budget and brought a higher level of cost-quality satisfaction.

When we approached the design concept, we took as our starting point the client’s vision that everyone entering the 2-story office building should instantly feel that Plexus is a technology company. Also, it had to be an appealing environment for attracting the best professionals on a market where there is significant competition in retaining technical employees. We proposed a contemporary office design with a high tech feel, separated in two distinctive areas: the working area for staff and the clients’ area.

The open space looks very spacious and hi-tech, due to the choice of materials and colors used for the workstations: white and grey for walls and furniture, with blue and red color accents. The highlight of the office space, the clients’ area, serves as an introduction of the company to its partners.

Client: Plexus Services

Industry: Technology

Company Profile: Industry leader in electronic manufacturing services

Scope: Design and fit-out, furniture supply

Size: 5 500 sq m

Project Completion Date: June 2012

Location: Euro Business Park, Oradea

Design: Arch. Corina Maxim, COS

Constructions: COS

No of Workstations: 200

Teva Pharmaceuticals

Bringing nature into the workplace


Light was an important consideration for this project but it was also one of the biggest challenges. In the end, we managed to reconfigure the electrical installations found in the space, initially designed for hotels.
Tudor Borsan, Project Director, COS

Our collaboration with Teva dates back to 2009, when the company initiated the works for relocating to new office premises. At that time, COS was appointed as supplier for the entire office design and build of the new space. Based on the success of this first project, when Teva decided to relocate again in 2012, to Grand Office, Marriott, the management trusted us for a second project.

Teva means “Nature” in Hebrew (Teva Pharmaceuticals is headquartered in Israel), so the starting point of the design concept was precisely the company’s name. Indeed, the design had to be fresh and natural, so we used natural motives such as bamboo leaf patterns on the glass partitions and different shades of green for the materials (furniture, carpet, and wallpaper).

Apart from the aesthetic considerations, there was a different kind of challenge regarding the new workspace. Initially a building designed for accommodation, it had a narrow, opaque corridor which had to be reconfigured into a bright and attractive space to welcome employees and visitors alike. So, right from the entrance area, it was important to change focus from the narrow corridor and give the impression of a wider space.

In order to accomplish this, we used an unusual position for the reception desk as per one of the architectural effects. Another effect was the circular lighted ceiling, which supported by the same circular pattern found in the carpet, gave an impressive feel of space and brightness. Furthermore, the formal aspect of closed offices, often found in the pharmaceutical industry, was softened by the transparent partitions through which we acquired a sense of brightness and open communication.

Client: Teva Pharmaceuticals

Industry: Pharma

Company Profile: Largest generic drug manufacturer in the world

Scope: Office design & build

Size: 1 200 sq m

Project Completion Date: August 2012

Location: Grand Offices Marriott, 90, Bucharest

Architecture Project: Arch. Corina Maxim, COS

Constructions: COS

No. of Workstations: 55

L'Oreal Romania

Cleanliness, beauty and modern science


Though the project faced a period of hardships coming from other parties, COS team managed to keep the good pace of works, to find great and "out of the box" options in order to deliver top quality final products.
Richard Matalon - General Manager L'Oreal Romania

Being located in an office building which became obsolete in 2009 in terms of office standards, L’Oréal decided to relocate to a newly build office building with upgraded facilities, and provide their staff a clean, spacious and modern office environment to better serve their activities. We helped L’Oréal settle into their new space, by providing hassle free service on all levels: architecture, project management, fit-out works, furniture supply and move management services.


Cosmetics are all about cleanliness, beauty and modern science. Consequently, client’s preferences went for a minimalist design, transparent, open and very modern. Being an open plan office, the space provides a high flexibility in case of changes in the organizational and communication structure of the company. Limits and structure into the space had to be taken into account also, so we placed medium cabinets to separate departments and ensure a wealth of intelligent storage solutions. Not to mention that, by keeping the clutter away from the desks, this solution helps preserve the overall clean look of the office on the long term.


First impression lasts, so the L’Oréal reception area got an additional interest. Because of the heavy traffic during the day, the reception area had to be a spacious place for clients and staff alike. We delivered a clean, modern reception design reflecting the corporate identity of L’Oréal.

Client: L'Oreal Romania

Industry: Cosmetics

Company Profile: Part of the French Group L'Oreal, worldwide leader in cosmetics

Scope: Office relocation, design and build

Size: 2000 sq m

Project Completion Date: May 2009

Location: Floreasca Business Park, Bucharest

Architecture Project: Arch. Anca Andreea Badea

Constructions: COS

No. of Workstations: 128


Technology & Wellbeing


COS acted like consultants and provided us valuable advice regarding interior design. The result is a great one, a colorful and happy office where coziness and professionalism mix in a good manner.

Ruxandra Rades, HR Business Partner Cegeka Romania

Beginning with June 2013, Cegeka Romania, subsidiary of Benelux ICT provider, occupies 3 floors with a total area of 1,620 sq m in Tower Center International building, only 2 minute away from Victoriei Square. Our job was to support them throughout the entire relocation, while reaching two main objectives: obtain a comfortable and relaxing workplace, suited to the needs of individuals and one that inspires technology, so that it enables the company to attract and retain the best talents.

With this mission, we started planning a flexible space, having also in mind considerations about the future expected growth of the company. The airy and dynamic open plan layouts, accommodating approximately 250 workstations, are perfectly balanced by a wide range of closed rooms, for either private individual work or team work. The latter are equipped with Memerase wallpaper with writing surface which creates a pleasant and creative atmosphere for the staff. Some significant elements which contribute even more to the wellbeing of the employees are the ergonomic chairs from Steelcase and the massage room, offering each employee the opportunity to relax and disconnect from the day to day tasks twice a month, and giving a pleasant experience to the usual work day.

On the branding side, Cegeka’s brand is visible anywhere in space. The brand is literally embedded in the workspace, from branding elements on the walls to brand colours cleverly inserted into the pattern of the interface carpet.

Client: Cegeka

Industry: Information and Communications Technology

Company Profile: Full-service ICT provider

Scope: Relocation, office design & build

Size: 1650 sq m

Project Completion Date: June 2013

Location: Tower Center International Building, Bucharest

Architecture: Corina Maxim, COS

Design: Denis Lambru

Constructions: COS, COS Technics

No. of Workstations: 246

Thomsons Online Benefits

An office that feels like home


The workplace after completion looks exactly how we wanted it to look like. It gives us the flexibility needed as well as a real place to live.
Julien Lefort - Training and Development Manager, Thomsons Online Benefits

Less than a year after the opening in Romania, Thomsons needed to expand and wished also to align design-wise their offices in Cluj to their other international locations. Our mission was to create a similar space to their offices in the UK and Singapore and to ensure that wherever you go in their workplaces, you have the same feeling of belonging to one team. We also had to keep in mind that the new design had to be flexible enough to encompass 90 workstations in 450 sq m.

Thomsons had planned a quick growth for their Cluj office and, as part of that, we needed to create a strategic use of space, enabling them to expand at a fast pace without feeling crowded. To meet this requirement, we used Steelcase’s Fusion benching solution. Beyond offering the right fit for the different user profiles, the bench system is highly flexible, allowing easy expansion to meet the space constraints. In choosing how to express the vivid organisational culture of Thomsons, we started by reflecting the brand identity from the entrance area, through a large, pink circle – taken from the company’s logo, which welcomes employees and visitors alike, as they step into the office. A pleasant balance was achieved by combining relaxation areas, with formal meeting rooms and informal areas such as the bean bags or the tea point area. The new workplace also includes flexible training rooms for the future Thomsons Learning Academy.

We introduced an unconventional touch by using wicker baskets for the personal storage of employees, an apparently unusual choice for a corporate office, which instead helped save precious sq m and brought a warm and homey feel in the office.

Client: Thomsons Online Benefits, Cluj

Industry: Financial services

Company Profile: By combining global technology and consultancy, Thomsons creates intelligent reward, workplace pensions and employee benefits solutions

Scope: Office design and build

Size: 765 sq m

Project Completion Date: March 2013

Location: Olimpia Business Center, Cluj - Napoca

Architecture Project: Arch. Dragos Miler, COS

Constructions: COS

No of Workstations: 90

Immofinanz Group

When client and contractor share desire for perfection


The details and designed elements chosen by the architect are sophisticated and COS met exactly our imagination on how it should look like.
Michael Stromayer - Team Engineering, Immofinanz Group

The strategic move of Adama and Immofinanz in one of the buildings belonging to the group’s portfolio, Victoria Business Park, meant assigning the fit out works to a general contractor.

When COS was appointed the winner of this tender, there was no time to waste, as we had only six weeks to complete the works, which extended simultaneously on two floors, each of them to be occupied by one of the two companies. We followed a design concept which can be found in all of the group’s offices throughout Europe, and which was developed by an architecture bureau based in Vienna. COS was in charge of all the engineering designs for obtaining the building permits, followed by fit-out works, and mechanical & electrical installations. The architect’s intention was to reflect the corporate philosophy of Immofinanz Group in the architectural concept. Therefore, the space had to be fluid, open and transparent, and the quality of materials used outstanding.

The reception area, with its custom-made monolithic curved desk welcomes those entering, staff and visitors alike. The functional area for staff is complemented by conference rooms equipped with high-quality furniture from Steelcase.

Client: Immofinanz Group

Industry: Real Estate

Company Profile:Leading European real estate investor and developer

Scope: Fit-out, furniture

Size: 1 700 sq m

Project Completion Date: January 2012

Location: Victoria Business Park, Bucharest

Architect: Atelier Heiss Architekten Wien

Project Management: Vitalis Consulting

Construction: COS

Adobe Systems

Leading software company embraces new ways of working


Our approach appealed to them on a number of levels. The fact that we manage everyone, from project managers to installation teams, meant we’re able to offer hassle free service.
Tudor Borsan, Project Director, COS

Adobe Systems Romania is the largest R&D Center and the fastest growing campus Adobe holds in EMEA Region. Over 230 passionate and highly creative employees work on products and services for enhanced web development and consumption.

In the recent years the company has grown rapidly, so they were looking to find an integrated office solutions provider for designing and execution of their expanding office premises in Anchor Plaza.

Works were initiated in September 2009 and since then we have provided interior fit out for 4,000 sq m of office space.

Being committed to provide a high class working environment for its very talented people, the company also wanted to address the need for more flexibility and mobility. Our solution smoothen the transition from cubicles to flexible team workstations. High adjustable screens and desks from Steelcase tackled many ergonomic issues and meant that work discussions within and across teams became easier.

Clean, functional and practical design meant also installing bookable phone booths to host conference calls and meeting rooms equipped with adequate technology and accessories: mobile walls, special lighting, acoustic panels, video projectors, and a central electronic command panel.

Client: Adobe Systems Romania

Industry: Software

Company profile: American software company changing the world through digital experiences

Scope: office fit-out and furniture supply

Size: 4,000 sqm

Project completion date: December 2011

Location: Anchor Plaza, Bucharest

Architecture project: Ostick+Williams

Constructions & installations: COS

No. of workstations: 80

Contrast Management Consulting & Training.

Well balanced office environment.


To counterbalance the use of white, beige and grey, the essential colours in this project’s aesthetics, we introduced the corporate colour red, as a dynamic accent into the space.
Arch. Corina Maxim

The relocation of Contrast Management took place when the company launched a new business division and needed additional space to hold trainings. Their choice went for a central premium building located just across the Academy of Economic Studies, a particularity also found in their other European offices, located usually near economic universities.

For this project we designed and implemented an integrated solution having a consistent interior design concept, correspondent to the company’s consultancy & training activity.

The design was conceived with strong emphasis on the functionality requirements and the dialogue between colours and finishes which meant creating a balance between calm and vivid tones. We envisaged creating a strong harmony of products and colours so that to match the business needs and the company brand.

Furniture-wise, the balance between the need of staff using their own workstations while working alongside colleagues was achieved with the Fusion desking platform, designed by Steelcase, which proved to adapt very well to the work culture found in Contrast Management.

Client: Contrast Management Consulting & Training

Industry: Professional services

Company profile: Economics & management consulting and training company

Scope: Office design, partitions, low current electrical systems and furniture supply

Size: 450 sq m

Project completion date: August 2011

Location: Romana Offices, 20 blvd. Dacia, Bucharest

Design: arch. Corina Maxim, COS

Constructions & installations: Constructions & installations: COS, COS Technics (former OIS)

No. of workstations:20


A place to house a brand.


The starting point in designing the coffee points was the company logo. The result is a 3D representation of the logo; getting lost for a moment in a poppy and grass field can lead to more relaxed and creative discussions.
Arch. Corina Maxim, COS

First initiated in spring 2007, Holcim’s new office design was implemented after two years, when the company moved to Floreasca Business Park.

The company went for a largely open plan office organization, whilst closed offices were preserved for some departments and management staff, in view of their working processes requiring more concentrated work.

Spontaneous, intensive communication and agreement in the team can lead to better results. Communicating beyond the traditional boundaries leads to faster processes through direct decision-making channels. In view of these key workplace findings, the space was designed largely open plan, having an open, transparent effect, and encouraging communication and idea exchange in the group.

The coffee points were especially designed to break the monotony, both visually and practically. The sober office atmosphere is interrupted by colourful and lively break out areas, considering that work breaks may be more effective when distinctly separated from the rest of the workspace.

Browns and beiges inspire a calming and welcoming atmosphere, while creams and whites give a light and spacious effect to the space. The visual calm found in the working area makes room for bold, tonic colours in the break out areas, creating a welcoming change in the office environment. The colour accent used is bright red, also found in the company logo.

The end result is a nice, efficient and modern workplace.

Client: Holcim Romania

Industry: Constructions

Company profile: Key player in the concrete production industry

Scope: office relocation, design & fit-out

Size: 2,600 sqm

Project completion date: April 2009

Location: Floreasca Business Park, Bucharest

Constructions: COS

Design: Arch. Corina Maxim, COS

No. of workstations: approx. 150


Supporting mobile and collaborative knowledge work.


Microsoft new headquarters’ key features: unassigned workspaces, benching applications, and plenty of room for collaborative work in both open and closed space.
Mihaela Udriste, Senior Project Director, COS

The objective in this office interior design project was to achieve the “Workplace advantage”, a trendsetting workplace concept developed by Microsoft that adapts to employees’ new ways of working, either on site or remotely, usually in teams and through the share of ideas.

Microsoft planned to create an office where employees can change work spaces more often, adapting to the actual needs of more than 60% majority of mobile workers. For that matter, Microsoft’s workplace has a very open layout with little assigned workstations combined with a variety of meeting and project spaces.

121 workstations were installed, but the cleverly designed space can accommodate more than the actual number of desks. The benching application that supports individual focused work in the open space is augmented by multiple shared spaces consisting of sixteen meeting rooms and several phone booths for teleconferencing.

The furniture solution we proposed managed to meet Microsoft’s different areas such as conference, discussion rooms as well as regeneration areas. We introduced versatile products and adapted them to the various working styles identified together with the client. Such an example is the FlexBox/Steelcase storage which we customized in order to serve a variety of application in the office: personal storage doubled by guest seating, mailbox, library solution.

Client: Microsoft Romania

Industry: Information technology

Company profile: World leading software company

Scope: office relocation, furniture supply

Size: 2,450 sqm

Project completion date: 1st phase January 2010, 2nd phase June 2010

Location: City Gate, Bucharest

Architect: Arch. Monika Mayova, Aukett Fitzroy Robinson

No. of workstations: 121

Steelcase Global Business Center.

A workplace expert as community partner.


The project was under considerable time pressure. That we managed to complete it quickly and with a great design was possible due to the great collaboration between Steelcase and its Romanian dealer. COS offered us experienced local support to better implement Steelcase workplace strategy – to create a space that fosters creativity, productivity and generates process improvements.
Bettina PLASSMANN, Managing Director, Global Business Center Cluj

In September 2012, Steelcase, the global leader in the office furniture industry, officially opened its third Global Service Center in Cluj. The new Steelcase GBC’s mission is to serve as a competence- and service center for the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa), the company’s offices in the North America and the sales organization from around the world. Cluj was chosen because of the city’s highly-qualified workforce, geographical location and cultural compatibility.

For us, it was certainly a chance to work on a significant project: we have been representing Steelcase in Romania for more than 15 years as their exclusive partner but now we will work with them in a different way from what we were used to.

The project was coordinated remotely by the COS project management team based in Bucharest, but site visits were performed on a regular schedule, to assure that the project flows within time & quality performance standards.

As per the nature of the company’s activity, the design had to gravitate around Steelcase portfolio of workplace furnishings.  We thus chose a neutral color for the carpet and introduced a large selection of products and finishes, experimenting in terms of colors and materials used.  As a result, the Global Service Center in Cluj, when needed, can also act as an office furniture show-room.

One of the most important areas in their workspace was the entrance zone, designed for people to meet and mingle. Another feature found everywhere at Steelcase is the open plan office, part of the company organizational culture. Sole exceptions are the closed meeting/teleconference rooms, found in various set-ups: equipped with just a desk for individual focused work / teleconferencing or with lounge, comfortable seating for brainstorm sessions.

Steelcase wished to be more than an investor in Cluj, but rather a genuine partner for the local community in which it will shortly start to operate. Based on this belief, the “100 dreams for Cluj” communication campaign was launched, becoming in less than one month before the official opening of the Steelcase GSC a meaningful dialogue platform for local opinion leaders and Cluj residents to share their thoughts and dreams about the future of their city.

Client: Steelcase Global Business Center, Cluj Napoca

Industry: Furniture

Company profile: Global leader in the office furniture industry

Scope: office design & build

Size: 900 sqm

Project completion date: May 2012

Location: Maestro Business Center, Cluj Napoca, B-Dul 21 Decembrie 1989

Architect: Arch. Corina Maxim, COS

Constructions: COS

No. of workstations: 90


New corporate image


We are very thankful for such a great opportunity to present our services on a complex project requiring complete fit out and furniture solutions.
Christophe Weller, Managing Partner, COS

In 2010, Vivacom, the former Bulgarian Telecom Company employing 7.000 people, was in the process of modernizing their corporate image in a new headquarters located in Sofia. 

The objective of our collaboration was to relocate 1,500 employees in a new office building, provide interior fit-out works and enhance the existing furniture with new workstations.

The corporate services of Vivacom used to be spread in different areas around Sofia. Thereby, the company needed to centralize all corporate services in a new headquarters with 1500 employees.

When Vivacom initiated the works of changing and consolidating their company offices, COS was appointed to supply office furniture and the interior fit-out works for a complex 15-floors workspace, in need for gypsum and glass partitions, painting, refurbishment, and personalizing the space according to the company’s new visual identity.

In order for the project to go smoothly, we assigned a dedicated team for the fit-out works and held regular meetings with their company rep. through-out the entire project, to stay on top of logistics issues, last minute changes and snags.

Client: Vivacom Bulgaria

Industry: Telecom

Company profile: Leading Bulgarian telecom company

Scope: office relocation, furniture supply & fit-out

Size: 15 floors

Project completion date: July 2010

Location: 115 I, Tsarigradsko chaussee blvd., Sofia, Bulgaria

Constructions: COS

No. of workstations: 350 desks; 1500 chairs

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  • Romulex Construct
  • OBI
  • Schunk Carbon Technology
  • Skanska
  • Sparkassen Immobilien
  • Steelplus
  • Sunset Properties
  • Synergy Construct
  • The Advisers/Knight Frank
  • Unger
  • Wienerberger
  • Willbrook Management International
Transportation, cargo & energy
  • Air France - KLM
  • Autoklass - Mercedes
  • Automobile Bavaria - BMW
  • BMW
  • Casa Auto Mercedes
  • E.ON
  • Energie Romania
  • Electrica-Soluziona
  • Eneria
  • Eni Romania
  • Gebrüder Weiss
  • Giraud International
  • Goodyear
  • Grundfos Romania
  • Hunt Oil Company of Romania
  • IPSO
  • Johnson Controls
  • Lufkin Industries
  • Marquardt Schaltsysteme
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Michelin
  • Midocar
  • Neptun Trading
  • OMV
  • Petrom
  • Pirelli
  • Porsche Romania
  • Prologis
  • Renault Design Central Europe
  • Renault Trucks
  • Repower Romania
  • Timken Romania
  • Total Lubricants Romania
  • Tramex
  • UPS
  • Vestas
Trade & government
  • Amcham
  • European Commission Representation in Romania
  • Ministerul Afacerilor Externe
  • US Aid
  • US Army
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client testimonials
  • COS was able to assess our needs and requirements, and offered clever, custom-made solutions that manage to fulfill our expectations. We are always delighted to work with COS, knowing that they share the same open and fresh approach in business, as well as a high sense of commitment to value.

    Radu Fertea - Facilities Manager

    Microsoft Romania

  • Though the project faced a period of hardships coming from other parties, COS team managed to keep the good pace of works, to find great and "out of the box" options in order to deliver top quality final products. It is our pleasure to recommend COS to all companies that need to move to a new location or just give a new image to the current one.

    Richard Matalon - General Manager

    L'Oreal Romania

  • COS managed to meet and exceed our expectations providing the entire company with a variety in choice for office chairs solutions, teaching employees abour ergonomy and related health & safety aspects and proved to be flexible under pressure.

    Simona Popovici - HR Manager Romania & Bulgaria

    Coca-Cola HBC Romania

  • The details and designed elements chosen by the architect are sophisticated and Corporate Office Solutions met exactly our imagination on how it should look like. We will confidently use their services in the future and we will recommend them as highly qualified general contractor for fit-out to any partner.

    Michael Stromayer - Team Engineering

    Immofinanz Group

  • During our collaboration, we were impressed with COS's knowledge and expertise, from which we benefited greatly. Their professionalism and expertise ensured that we got an office interior exactly suited to our business needs. The project was executed in time, and COS took care of all details from beginning to end.

    Shakeel Ansari - Managing Director

    ArcelorMittal FCE Romania

  • During the collaboration with us, COS proved a high level of professionalism in dealing with our requests and in meeting our set-up deadlines (which were extremely important for the succes of the move project). We would like to thank to all the team involved in making our project happen.

    Duglas Papanicu - Facilities, Car Fleet, EH&S Manager

    British American Shared Services Europe

  • BRD Groupe Societe Generale has been purchasing furniture from Corporate Office Solutions for the last 10 years. Corporate Office Solutions continuously met our expectations and needs, often going beyond their required scope and providing valuable services. They are responsive, easy to work with, and committed to quality in everything they deliver.

    Sorin-Mihai Popa - Deputy Executive Officer

    BRD Groupe Societe Generale

  • COS combines both the high quality of products/services and sustainable cost during all project development. We confidently recommend COS as a highly reliable business partner for integrated solutions in office interiors and relocation of offices.

    Valentin Sarbu - Supply Manager

    Eni Romania