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It’s that time of year again when tens of thousands of people descend upon Chicago’s Merchandise Mart like zebras to water after a year of commercial design drought: NeoCon 2017.

The creative process is on display as people converge and diverge to generate, share and refine ideas that will end up eventually at NeoCon.

While news is made and awards are handed out at NeoCon, preparation for the show begins long before the unveilings in Chicago. Behind the headlines is a team of researchers, designers, engineers and many more dedicated to helping showcase how people can unlock their potential at work.

Among the products presented by Coallese this year, you will find Enea Cafe Stool, the latest addition to the Enea range. This new café stool has a unique four-leg wood base. Comfortable and functional, the Enea Café Stool offers designers an expanded selection of styles and aesthetics for the contract market. With a minimalist and refined design, Enea can be easily integrated into a variety of interiors for a contemporary refresh.

Also you will find Montara650 Lounge Seat, a seat infused with comfort and craft, that will fill workspaces with café-style character and creates an ideal solution for informal meetings. As an updated alternative for casual conversation, the new, light in scale lounge seating enhances opportunities for productive, efficient collaboration in a comfortable environment. The collection’s capacity for customization through various options, surface materials and upholstery makes it a versatile and inspired social solution for today’s workplace.

Also, this year, at NeoCon, the collaboration between Steelcase and Microsoft continues as new iterations of Creative Spaces are revealed. These spaces bring together people, place and technology to enhance and encourage the creative process at work. The range of inspiring spaces celebrate design and materiality without sacrificing performance, creating places in which people want to work.

To be updated with the latest products and trends that will be launch next week at NeoCon, follow along with Steelcase and Coalesse for live interviews, photos from the show floor and daily updates.

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