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Image / Inspired by the great outdoors. Made for great interiors.

Shadows on the forest floor. Sun darting behind clouds. Scenic coasts meeting grassy dunes. Our Global Change Collection is inspired by nature’s transitions. Using organic patterns and linear textures, this collection draws connections between people and earth, morning and evening and dark and light.

The collection is a sophisticated interpretation of biophilic design, with a range of colours, textures and formats in both small scale and bold, graphic aesthetics. From open areas to enclosed spaces, Global Change can reinforce the purpose of a space – much like a clearing in the woods.

Based on foundational patterns and colours in a series of gradients, Global Change products are designed and intended to be mixed and matched, creating a wide range of sensory and visual experiences. In people-focused interior environments, where diversity and choice are the significant criteria for success for the user, Global Change serves as a foundation for +Positive spaces™. As a growing system, designs from Global Change may also be installed with other collections, including our Level Set™ LVT, for varied texture and style.


Interface’s enthusiastic embrace of biophilic design goes hand in hand with this work of turning negative into positive. As Kari Pei, Interface Product Designer describes it, “We have an ongoing mission to use science to create a product that not only does no harm, but actually benefits the human condition in the built environment.”  By reminding people of the natural world, biophilic carpet tile can support the well-being of the building occupants using it.

Global Change is not biophilic for its foliage imagery alone, but also for its configurability. Pei returns to the High Line to illustrate this point: the park’s various landscapes successfully draw visitors along because plants and hardscaping are not mutually distinct; rather, materials interlace just as a coastal forest might meet the ocean in a transitional zone of scrub and grassy dunes. Carpet tiles can embody these transitions, and the interchangeability of the Shading and Glazing patterns allow one to flow into the other.

Global Change is as sustainable as it is beautiful. The collection uses a solution dyed nylon yarn system with a low carbon footprint. As one of our lowest carbon footprint collections, it supports our goal to design a climate fit for life, and ultimately brings us one stylish step closer to our Climate Take Back™ mission.

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