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For some, acoustic solutions might connote dull and inelegant designs. Well, only for the ones that haven’t yet explored Buzzi Space acoustic solutions and especially the newest addition launched this year at NeoCon.

Tactile pleat enfolds silence

This is a series of architectural solutions by 13&9 Design, delivering light and sound control to help you create the optimal acoustics in your workspace or at home. With its reinterpretation of ancient techniques used in fashion design, like smocking and pleating, BuzziPleat proves that acoustic solutions can also be innovative, yet refined and sophisticated.

A scalable system to solve high-frequency sound issues

Designed in-house by BuzziSpace Studio, BuzziBaffle was technically engineered to solve some of the toughest acoustic problems. Each panel is made up of a dense black core, enveloped in BuzziFelt, the company’s signature material.

The modular panel system was designed for maximum performance. Like all BuzziSpace products, BuzziBaffles underwent a rigorous testing process and was vetted by Peutz Consult GmbH, an accredited test laboratory. This commitment to quality design sets BuzziSpace apart.

Adaptable to any space, the panels are available in two styles: BuzziBaffle Straight for a minimal, streamlined look, and BuzziBaffle Wave for added interest and dimensionality with an articulated ripple edge, evoking a dynamic sense of movement.

Sound absorbing panel

Large office spaces or residential lofts often echo, which can be distracting or impact productivity. BuzziSpace has developed the BuzziPod, a rectangular sound absorbing panel
that can be fixed to the ceiling or walls to dampen sound waves while still offering a chic design.

Suspended sound absorbing dividing screen in BuzziFelt

These inventive BuzziFelt ceiling wings are designed to partition a large space acoustically and optically. BuzziWings not only ensure optimum sound quality, you also get a subtly lit room thanks to the integrated, indirect light source. The BuzziWings are attached to the ceiling at a 90° angle; perfect to shape the light and sound to your taste. Available in different BuzziFelt colors.

Acoustical lighting solution
Stretching the BuzziFelt to its limits, BuzziBell is recognized by the harmonious curve of its bell-shape. Its design adds softness to a room with the textural look of felt and a delicate, diffused light source or high performance LED engine. BuzziBell is offered in the 12 BuzziFelt colors, has a metal feature and will be CE and UL listed. BuzziBell makes a statement offices, restaurants, hotels, institutions and residences.


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