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3 products that will improve your work in the Open Space Share
Image / 3 products that will improve your work in the Open Space

MIKOMAX Smart Office, an expert in designing offices, has combined its expertise in office furniture production with its own concept of implementing it with a modern office environment. Their products help companies enhance the wellbeing of the workplace by reducing physical discomfort from sitting for prolonged periods of times or for better focus at work using acoustically isolated places.

We invite you to discover the new solutions from Mikomas which support the flexibility of people, spaces and functions:


Mikomax  asked 1337 employees their opinion on working in modern services centers. Only every fifth answered that his office helps him perform effectively. Merely 27% admitted that their workplace is a good work environment, and only 11% of respondents willingly invite business guests to their office.

That is why they have decided to create a new solution which meets the needs of all office workers – the #HUSH system. #HUSH provides acoustic space for spontaneous meetings, confidential meeting and focussed working. This system ensures proper soundproofing, making it perfect for work areas.

And one cubicle only takes the same place as two desks! 



70% of employees complain about physical discomfort in the office. The STAND UP system helps to introduce dynamics in the way we work.

Stand Up helps companies enhance the wellbeing of the workplace by reducing physical discomfort from sitting for prolonged periods of times. It does so by allowing users to switch between a seated to a standing position whenever they feel like it.

Stand Up features a simple, user-friendly, counter-balance design that allows the user to quickly raise and lower their work surface so that the transition from sitting to standing is a pleasure. Stand Up can also be used as a standing height meeting table



The PACKMAN system is Mikomax response to the fact that offices can and should have character! We all like to stand out, whether through our clothes, hairstyle or accessories in our homes. Why can’t an office? Add a little touch to your office that changes its face by making employees and guests smile.


See and try #HUSH, Stand Up and Packman at  COS Showroom in Bucharest.

Use Mikomax Smart Office solutions and COS experience in delivering working environments to offer your employees an attractive work place.






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