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What are thought leaders highlighting as some of the top design trends of 2016? In this month’s design news aggregate, we’ve compiled some of the best articles on 2016 color, space and design strategy topics for you.

There are nine palettes in PANTONE’s color forecast for the home and interiors market. Rather than purchase the book of trends, check out this blog for details and example photos.

Kontor, the new network for workplace design, shared six office trends to watch in 2016. Their list includes personal space, residential feel and kaleidoscope conference rooms. See their full list of office design trends and example projects.

Workplace flexibility, wearable technology and office design are on the Forbes’ radar for the 2016 office. Do you agree that companies will get serious about office design this year?

Fast Company expects more office spaces to have elements of the outdoors, utilize multipurpose workspaces and create designated lounge spaces.

Get inspired for the new year with seven trends from Inc., including indoor greenspaces, amphitheaters, and glass walls.

The 2016 interior design trends cover color, texture and craft. Which of these trends will impact your designs?

The way we view and define the office has shifted dramatically. Workplace Insights discusses looking at the office as an experience, product or service and our changing perspective.


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